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Gold Pearl Micro Dwarf Tomato

Mini Dwarf Tomato Gold Pearl

Gold Pearl Micro Dwarf Tomato

Small-LogoIf you have never grown the Gold Pearl Micro Dwarf tomato variety, it will suck you right in once you do.  It is truly a pleasure to grow and eat.  As most of the other micro dwarf varieties, it is early and begins to ripen fruits about 60 days after transplant.  I successfully grew 2 plants in a 1.5 gallon container.  They both produced very well.

Gold Pearl Micro Dwarf Tomato Plants

Gold Pearl Micro Dwarf tomato plants are short but taller than most micros.  It grows to about 1 foot tall.  This variety is super productive and always loaded with bunches of 5-7 dime sized cherry tomatoes.  Tomatoes ripen to a very sweet canary yellow with slight hints of  brown on the top side. Plants are skinny and will need to be staked.  I use chopsticks, they work well.  I also feel that this variety would grow great in a long planter, hosting several plants.

Gold Pearl Micro Dwarf Tomato Taste

Gold Pearl tomatoes are soft, juicy and sweet with very little hint of acidity.  My grow-outs also produced fruits that had a strong hint of earthiness, even though I grew them under lights and indoors. I totally expect this quality to be more evident when grown outside and in natural sunlight.  They are best when fully ripened, after which they get a little soft.  Although they are still good then, they are not as crunchy!  These would be perfect for salads and  fresh eating just before full ripeness.  Try some Gold Pearl plants in your next mini garden or under lights indoors.  You will have a blast!


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