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Florida Petite Micro Dwarf Tomato

Florida Petite Micro Dwarf Tomato

Florida Petite Micro Dwarf Tomato

Small-LogoFlorida Petite micro dwarf tomato is one of the biggest micro dwarf fruit that we have grown.  It is a very beautiful, deep red tomato when well ripened. Among the many varieties that we have grown thus far, this is the latest to ripen.  It is well worth the wait though. Once tasted, you will appreciated how hard this little plant has worked for you!

 Florida Petite Micro Dwarf Plants

Florida Petite plants are about 6 inches tall and grow excellently in 3/4 to 1 gallon containers.  You can also grow a few in longer type planters.  Plants produce nice sized fruits that ripen to a very bright red. Expect bunches of 3-4 tomatoes that begin to ripen about 70-75 days after transplant.  Try staggering your growing by transplanting a few plants about one week apart.  That way you will have plenty of tomatoes over an extended period.

Florida Petite Micro Dwarf Taste

Typical of most deep red tomatoes, Florida Petite is strong yet balanced.  Sweetish, acidic and more intense than you would expect from a micro dwarf tomato.  This may be a perfect time to say that the micro dwarfs on our website are all pretty delicious.  Florida Petite  Micro dwarf would be a great tomato for salads and fresh eating. If you grow them indoors, start in October and you will have plenty of fruits through February.  Our seeds are freshly packed just for you!

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