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Baby Micro Dwarf Tomato

Baby Micro Dwarf Tomato

Baby Micro Dwarf Tomato

I must confess that the result of growing micro dwarf tomatoes indoors has been a great success and an excellent experience for me. Baby micro dwarf tomato was one of the most fun!  It is among the smallest and earliest of  dwarf  tomato plants that we grow.  They are also fantastic producers for their tiny size. What’s more, these little fruits are really, really good.  These are definitely space savers!

Baby Micro Dwarf Tomato Plants

Baby micro dwarf tomato plants are tiny, perhaps 2 inches tall.  Two plants can easily be grown in a 1 gallon sized container.  I feel that the perfect size container for these is a half gallon.  I grew mine in  3/4 gallon containers and think that even those were too large.  These plants are really low so I recommend pruning of the bottom leaves once plants have started blooming.  This keeps the leaves off of the soil and make it potentially more difficult for plants to  catch diseases.

Baby Micro Dwarf Tomato Taste.

If you appreciate a good little cherry tomato, then you will love baby.  It is not a very strong tomato but it is certainly deceptively good.  Its balance reminds me of really good and larger varieties.  Sweet and not too tangy with a nice amount of juice, Baby tomato will serve as great salad tomatoes.  No dicing is required. I really enjoy eating these fresh off of the vine too.  I am already growing a second crop of these.  Gotta have’m! Seeds freshly packed just for your garden! Please visit our Micro Dwarf page for more interesting varieties!

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