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Aztek Micro Dwarf Tomato

Aztek Micro Dwarf Tomato Plant

Aztek Micro Dwarf Tomato

Aztek Micro Dwarf tomato is one of my favorites, both in looks and taste.  Yep!  It’s pretty and prolific too!  This winter (2017) I grew a few of these plants under T5 HO lights.  They performed excellently.
My regret? I should have grown more plants!  So this summer I will be growing at least 10 more.

Aztek Micro Dwarf Tomato Plants

Aztek Micro Dwarf tomato plants grow to about 6 inches tall.  I grew a few of these under lights of different heights.  The tallest got to about 6 inches and the shortest about 5 inches.  Plants produce a really healthy amount of nice looking cherry tomatoes that are whitish when green. When ripened they turn into the most beautiful, tender yellow.  Of the 10 varieties that I grew this season, Aztek was one of the slowest to ripen.  I harvested my first fruits about 70 days after transplant.  I recommend growing these in 3/4 to 1 gallon containers.  Anything larger would just be too big.  They would grow excellently in a long planter with  a few plants (3-4) in each.

Aztek Micro Dwarf Tomato Taste.

Aztek Micro Dwarf tomatoes are sweet and juicy. There is some presence of recognizable tartness but not much.  I happen to think it’s a little bit fruity too.  These are perfect little “maters” for fresh eating and salads.  Kids would love these too because of the difference of the colors from whitish to yellow and also because if its diminutive size.  Try some for your family this season!

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