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Soldier 37 Tomato


Soldier 37 Tomato

Soldier 37 tomato is a 6-10 ounce slicer red tomato that is perfect for sandwiches.  I acquired seeds for this tasty variety from my European friend a few years ago and grew out a few plants in 2016.  He could not really give me any solid history about the cultivar, except to say that it had been grown by his family of tomato growers, including cousins, uncles, parents and grandparents, for more than 125 years.  His immediate family had been growing it for 37 years.  There was high praise for its taste and disease resistance.

Soldier 37 Tomato Vines

We grew out 3 Soldier 37 tomato vines and I found that they were very sturdy plants and producers. Plants were about 4.5 feet tall and produce lots and lots of mid size, deep red tomatoes that left nothing to be desired.  The regular leafed vines were beautiful as advertised and it was hardy as pertaining to disease resistance.  There were absolutely no problems with them on our farm.  They stood up to everything!  Tomatoes were in clusters of 3-5 and plants produced until the first frost, though  the frost did not kill them.

Soldier 37 Tomato Taste

I found Soldier 37 tomato to be outstanding!  It is another one that reminds me of some of the very first and excellent heirloom tomatoes that I ever tasted.  Eaten when well ripened, Soldier 37 is splendid! Not sweet, not tart, yet strong old fashion tomato taste!  This tomato is just right up the middle and I repeat, has a very good tomato taste.  It’s also not an overly juicy tomato.  Soldier 37 is tender and beautiful when sliced.  This makes it perfect for a non-soggy sandwich.  It will also be great for salsa, drying and perhaps sauces (I haven’t tried).  In a nutshell, Soldier 37 is a really good tomato that is totally worth making a space or two for in your garden.
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