• 70 Days. This champion deserves its name. Dwarf Chocolate Champion tomato is a shorter variety, perhaps 3 feet, and produce nice sized, chocolate colored fruits that can weigh 3-6 ounces. Fruits are oblate and reddish with chocolate shoulders. They are nicely balanced and very desirable! our vines have no issues with diseases. Great container variety! See It on YouTube.
  • Whether you have grown dwarf varieties before or not,  you will appreciate them when you grow out Dwarf Black Angus Tomato. This very tasty variety did well for us in our 2018 grow-outs. 2.5 feet tall, indeterminate rugose leafed plants, produced 6-8 ounce tomatoes that had very nice flavor and texture. Plants have dense foliage, so it can sometimes be difficult to see fruits. Without hurting the suckers, we pruned some of the bottom leaves to better see fruits. That worked well! Our fruits reminded me of Black Krim, but with a firmer texture. Very good sandwich tomato and more! Expect first ripened fruits about 75 days after transplant.
  • Dwarf Hazy's Dream Tomato

    I have a lot of admiration and respect for the work that is done at the Dwarf  Tomato Project. Some of the best dwarf tomatoes that I have grown were as a result of their hard work. This one has a rich flavor, masked by mild fruitiness. Overall, it's a sweet tomato that has a very nice balance. Juice is rich and delicious. Dwarf Hazy's Dream tomato plants are about 3 feet tall and produce a nice amount of 2-5 ounce fruits, though most are around 2-4. Ours came in a little late, starting to ripen fruits about 82 days after transplant. Definitely worth the wait! Perfect little slicer that you would enjoy. Note: Most dwarf varieties do well in containers and small gardens.
  • Perhaps the most prolific dwarf variety that we grew in 2018, Dwarf Mary's Cherry tomato is awesome! Inconsistent in sizes, fruits vary from 2-3 inches in diameter. Dwarf Mary's Cherry is rich and juicy. There is some sweetness and a bit of earthiness also!  It's a really good tomato for snacking and fresh tomato salsa. It should really liven up your soups, the flavor is that good! Our plants did not exceed 2.5 feet tall and they began to ripen fruits early, coming in at 70 days after transplant. This variety is easily one of my top ten dwarf varieties. Another good variety for growing in containers or in the ground. Side disease resistance too!
  • Dwarf Purple Reign tomato is perhaps the prettiest black colored dwarf that I have grown. Very smooth and crack-free fruits have superb flavor that reminds me of Black Krim. These also remind me of Chyornyi Tarasenko. They were sweeter and intense with some flavors that I cannot really describe (all good)! Our indeterminate plants were about 3 feet tall and produced plenty of 6-12 ounce fruits that were covered with thick foliage. Plants produced well all season long. A little staking was necessary because plants quickly became too heavy. Expect your first ripened fruits about 75 days after transplant. These will do well in containers also!
  • Perhaps the most prolific black dwarf variety, Dwarf Velvet Night tomato is a very formidable fruit. Softish, well balanced fruits are sweet and earthy with other great complimentary flavors. Borne in clusters of 5 or 6 , tomatoes are covered by the thick foliage.  Plants are "tree like" and begin producing pretty cherry fruits quite early after transplant. Fruits also ripen relatively early, coming in about 70 days after transplant. This can be a great tomato for snacking, fresh salsa and market sales. Try dehydrating some and making tomato jam. That may work well! If you are have limited garden space, it's a good variety for containers too. 4-5 gallon recommended. Give it a try! You will love it! See It On Youtube!
  • Dwarf Wild Fred Tomato

    Dwarf Wild Fred tomato is one of my favorite dwarfs. I like its growing habits and tenacity. 3 foot plants never stop pumping out 6-10 ounce fruits all season long. Tomatoes are full flavored, a little smoky and balanced. They are juicy and aromatic when fully ripened. These seemed to love the hotter months and were still going strong in mid-September. Will perform well in containers. Staking may be necessary! We've had no issues with diseases.
  • Producing a nice amount of fruits, Dwarf Wild Spudleaf tomato is a really great tomato. Its potato, rugose leaf plants are about four feet tall and begin ripening their fruits about 85 ays after transplant. Fruits are between 5-10 ounces, delicious and well balanced. Perfect for sandwiches, fresh salsa, garnishing, cooking and drying. Great for container growing!
  • Fred's Tie Dye dwarf tomato is a dwarf lover's dream. It's a smaller plant that produces big crops of beautiful and tasty fruits. Not only that, 3 foot tall plants are also very hardy and stand up well to diseases. Fruits are a beautiful reddish, purple and green combination and ripen about 80 days after transplant. If taste is high on your list, Fred's Tie Dye is a gift for you! Rich, juicy, balanced and full flavored, this gem can be used for almost anything. Sandwiches are happy when there are some slices of Fred's leading the cast. It's also a great salsa maker, beautiful for slicing, fresh eating, cooking or even garnishing. It is a very beautiful  tomato that comes highly recommended! Grow some in containers too!
  • Maralinga Dwarf Tomato


    Maralinga Dwarf Tomato

    Maralinga Dwarf tomato is a very delicious fruit that is totally worth growing in your dwarf gardens. It produces medium to larger slicing tomatoes that are full flavored and desirable. Plants are "tree type" and grow to about 3.5 feet tall. They produce 6-8 ounce fruits that are balanced, which are earthy and satisfying. Maralinga Dwarf  plants can be grown in containers for patio growing, but they work well in small or large garden spaces too. Growing about two feet apart would do perfectly fine for most dwarf varieties. Container plants do require a little more attention. Maralinga Dwarf is perfect for sandwiches, drying, slicing, fresh eating and drying. But they are also very attractive on your table if you are a market vendor. You can expect more sales with these! 75-80 days to ripen.
  • Rosella Purple dwarf tomato is the perfect variety if you are a tomato beginner. Plants are about 4 feet tall, bushy and produce a tremendous amount of 6-12 ounce fruits that will amaze you with their taste. One bite into it's sot flesh will reveal a sweet an intense tomato that delivers the total tomato experience. This tomato easily compares to some of the better blacks or purples. Rosella works well as a sandwich maker, sauce pleaser and salsa saver. in fact, Rosella Purple will function well in almost all tomato applications. Try it, you will be amazed! Great for bigger containers such as a 5  gallon or larger!

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