• Black Cherry Tomato


    Black Cherry Tomato

    75 Days. Sweet, fruity, rich and juicy, Black Cherry tomato is an average sized cherry fruit that can hang with the best of them! It's also a favorite of many in the culinary community. Black Cherry vines are perhaps 5-6 feet tall and produce heavy crops of brownish/purple fruits that ripen relatively early. These have no problems with extended periods of heat and drought. This fruit is a little larger than chocolate cherry and not quite as intense. Vines are also very tough and  are very anxious to produce. Have no fear, they will be there at the end of the season when everything else has already gone.
  • Black Dragon Tomato

    Black dragon tomato is a wonderful little pear shaped fruit with dark colored skin. Its trademarks are huge production and good taste. It produces all season long. Indeterminate plants can be tall but average about 6 feet. Many of ours have been 7-8 feet tall. Fruits are sweetish and full flavored, but not too intense. Just a few plants will be sufficient for a smaller family Black dragon is a great selection for snacking, fresh salsa, canning and dehydrating. If you are a vendor, this will be perfect for your tomato stand! Kids love them! I'm a big kid. LOL.
  • After all of these years of growing Chocolate Cherry tomato, It's still one of my favorite go to varieties. Salsas, market sales, slicing and drying, salads and even some dark sauce all benefit from using this variety. Our vines have always been tall and bushy. They produce heavy crops of 1 inch darkened tomatoes that have wonderful and complete flavors. They are always among the first to ripen and the last to die in the fall. Chocolate Cherry is rich, balanced and refreshing. Grow ample vines, you will be snacking all season long. Excels at market sales!
  • Haley's Purple Comet Tomato is a very nice, bite sized cherry that is definitely worth growing. Taller plants produce huge amounts of flavorful fruits that make for excellent snacking, especially in the garden. Be ready to harvest a lot when they start ripening. Flavor is complex and satisfying. Some fruity undertones make these ideal for tomato preserves also. Good market crop, great for dehydrating, fresh salsa and more. I am proud to be able to share this one with you. Give it a try, I think you'll love it!
  • Hooked On Cherry Tomato 

    EXCLUSIVE 2020

    Hooked On Cherry is a sweet black fruit that is great for salads, snacking, preserves, market sales and so much more. Crack free fruits are stunningly beautiful and inviting. Seeds were first given to me by Bill Jeffers of Evansville Indiana and they seemed to be unstable. After growing it out for several years, it now is very stable! Its original name was T-Black Cherry, but Bill explained to me that that name was used from one of its parents. Given the permission to change its name, I have decided to call it Hooked On Cherry. You would love this fruit! So sweet and juicy, prolific plants, excellent disease resistance! So much upside! I am truly hooked! You'll be too!
  • KARMA Purple Multiflora Tomato

    In 2020 we grew about 130 new varieties. The very first to ripen was KARMA Purple Multiflora tomato. These were closely followed by others in the KARMA series. So what's the KARMA series? It's a line of tomatoes that's a result of a collaborative work done by Karen Olivier of Canada and Marsha Eisenberg of Plantation Florida.  Purple Multiflora is a rich, full tasting tomato that is excessively prolific. These are wonderful snacks that kept me eating all summer long. Our plants produced up to 25 per bunch and were always loaded. Easily a 70 day tomato, these will be great too for making tomato preserves. Perfect for market sales, especially earlier. Recommended for northern gardens too! Be one of the first to grow this new line, you'll love it!
  • Paul Robeson European tomato is a black plum that has that big flavor of some of the better blacks. Plants are prolific and ripen fruits relatively early. This, to me, was one of the better cherry/plum varieties that I grew in 2021. Deep chocolate fruits have rich flavor that is very satisfying and will encourage garden snacking. A little softer to the touch, this is definitely a great choice for saucing, but if caught before over ripened, would make a great addition to salads. Really good aroma that is consistently tempting.
  • Reinhard Kraft's Purple Sugar Tomato

    Reinhard Kraft's Purple Sugar Tomato was my winner for best tasting cherry in 2019. These things are packed with flavor! I especially loved its production too! Intense and tasty, wet and tart fruits were missing nothing. Similar in looks to Chocolate Cherry and Rosella and Black Cherry, this one, for me, beset them all for taste. Large bunches of about 10-15 fruits just kept coming all summer long. Plants are hardy and tall. If you like a forward tasting tomato that has everything. Would make great tomato preserves, great market, salad, snacking, canning, dehydrating tomato. No hype here! Click Here to see it on YouTube!  
  • Rosella Tomato


    Rosella Tomato

    If you know of everyone who doesn't love Rosella tomato, I would like to have a serious talk with them. Purple cherries bear on trellises of 10-15 and are so good that they will never make it out of your garden. I ate many of these while working and I could never get enough. Plants are prolific, hardy and determined to produce their crops. Ours made it through a very tough summer without any issues. Plants remained healthy until  season's end. These are sweet, with some tang, very balanced, juicy with super overall flavor. Great cherry for canning, perfect for snacking, excellent for dehydrating, a treat in salads, almost perfect in every way. No splitting or cracking. Hardy plants too! 75 Days! Click Here to see it on YouTube!


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