• Ananas Bleue Tomato

    A nicely colored antho tomato, Ananas Bleue is a real head turner! Regular leafed, five-six feet tall plants produce abundantly and showed good disease resistance for us. Fruits are mild with some sweetness and overall, have a good flavor. Our first ripened fruits were about 70 days after transplant. These may do good in containers too with regular feeding. Try dehydrating these or using them on a pretty platter. Try a few in the garden too!
  • Ananas Zebra Tomato


    Ananas Zebra Tomato

    Ananas Zebra tomato is a delicious variety. 6-10 ounce fruits are beautifully bi-colored inside and out. Our plants were prolific and showed nice disease resistance. We noticed our first ripened fruits around day 75 from transplant. They continued producing heavily throughout the season. These would be great as market tomatoes because the have nice flavor and texture and would hold up for market. Perfect choice for fresh salsa, garnish, cooking, slicing and fresh eating. Staking early would assist in a successful crop! Another nice addition to any bi-colored tomato garden!  
  • Belle Coeur (H34 Gelb) tomato is a unique large cherry that is very attractive too. Slightly larger than the average cherry, this antho variety turns jet-black on the top side, with a cute canary yellow on the bottom end. Different shades of antho give fruits their own individuality. What's more, they have pretty little nipples on their bottom ends, that may be yellow or a mix of yellow and black. Mildly sweet with a little acidic undertones, nothing on this tomato is too much. Any hints of the usual antho taste is minimal. It's a nice salad and garnish tomato. Snacking in the garden is a must. Plants are hardy and prolific.
  • Berkley Tie Dye Heart Tomato

    A very pretty cultivar, Berkley Tie Dye Heart tomato is so much fun to grow. Our regular leafed plants were about 5 feet tall and produced perfect, bi-colored green and purple, perfect and blunt oxhearts. All of which were tasty! These remained prolific all season long. As far as taste, these were earthy, sweetish and satisfying. Awesome aroma! I loved the texture! Really good choice for sandwiches, garnish, cooking and snacking right off the plant. 75-80 days to first ripened fruits!
  • These cherry sized fruits are perfect for salad, dehydrating and snacking, especially right off the vine. Our plants fought through weeks of rain to produce good sized crops until season's end. Prolific vines are about 5 feet tall and vibrant. These begin to bloom pretty early, with our first ripened fruits emerging in early July, about 72 days after transplant. Fruits are sweetish with good tomato flavor and very little antho taste. Great Aroma too! Black Strawberry tomato plants need to be staked well for the best results. May do well in larger sized containers.
  • Blue Keyes Tomato

    I grew Blue Keyes tomato for the first time in 2018 and it's going to be on my list again for 2019. This time I will be taking them to the market. Tiny antho, cherry fruits, are so uniquely colored that they always turn heads. In addition, they are perfect little pear shaped things. Bottom ends are a mix of green, orange and some antho striping that is like a work of art. Blue Keyes taste good too! They are somewhat earthy, acidic with sweet undertones and on the mild side. These are perfect for canning, dehydrating, salads, garnish, fresh salsa and more. But the way I enjoy them best is right off the vine on a cool morning. These will also grow well in larger containers. Try a 4-5 gallon size or larger! Go for it!  
  • One of my top 10 for taste and flavor in 2021, Candy Sweet Icicle Tomato is a salad lover's dream. About 2 inch long fruits are elongated and so very tasty. Indeterminate plants are super producers and never, I mean never stop producing! For me in 2021, nothing was a better snack in the garden. Taste is fruity, sweet with acidic tones and complete. These are not overwhelming, just perfect. I never saw even one crack or split on any of these, so they are very clean and pretty fruits, making these bi-colored beauties perfect market tomatoes. My plants were bushy and vibrant, but never got higher than about 5 feet. Great tomato for snacking, plating/garnish, dehydrating, preserves, cooking and so much more. I'll be back next year for more!
  • Candy Tomato


    Candy Tomato

    I discovered Candy tomato this year at my local greenhouse and decided to try a few plants. They did not disappoint. Candy tomato is a bi colored cherry that's especially beautiful when sliced. Taste is very fruity with some sweetness and acids too! I think it's well balanced and a very good little cherry. Plants are about 6 feet tall and produce good amounts of  1-2 inch round fruits. Vines are very hardy and will work hard for you. Excellent disease resistance, one of the best this year for me. Great snack, great for tomato preserves, salads, canning whole and market sales. Recommended
  • Cherokee Lime Stripes Tomato

    Deriving form a selection by Mr Bill Jeffers, Cherokee Lime Stripes tomato is a very visually appealing variety with fabulous taste too. Striking green and pinkish/purple bi colored fruits are usually about 6-8 ounces and are borne on heavy producing plants. These never stop coming all season long. These are sweeter with some acidic tones but very satisfying. Not a complex tomato. Great choice for Market sales, garnish, tomato preserves, slicing and more.
  • Coeur de Surpriz Tomato

    One of my biggest regrets in 2019 is that I didn't grow enough Coeur de Surpriz tomato plants. I grew out 4 plants and 3 of them were drowned in the flood waters in mid-June. When the remaining plant finally started ripening its fruits, I was amazed at how beautiful they were. Not wanting to eat many, in order to maximize my seed count, I tried a few. Then a few more, and more. Eventually I only saved fruits from half of the plant. These were sweet and fruity with a little tang. Very good little tomato! Bi-colored outside and out. Good choice for fresh eating, salads, garnish, dehydrating, fresh salsa, canning and more. Nice all purpose variety. Might I say again, very, very good!
  • Creamsicle Grape Tomato

    Think salads and pickling. Creamsicle Grape tomato is excellent for salads with its mildly sweet and flavorful finish. 2 inch long fruits are subtly bi-colored and and pretty. This grape would also go well on a platter. Plants showed extreme disease resistance and were very prolific. Ours started ripening around 75 days from transplant and just produced hundreds of fruits all the way until frost killed them. A very reliable salad variety! Pickle them whole or sliced, they would work well in both applications.
  • Crimson Zebra Tomato


    Crimson Zebra Tomato

    A prolific variety, Crimson Zebra tomato is desirable and pretty! 5 feet tall, regular leafed plants, produce 2-6 0unce fruits that are sweeter, mildly fruity and delivers an overall good tomato experience. Ours showed nice disease resistance after one small initial treatment. Plants produced all season long. Wonderful tomato aroma. A really nice cooking, snacking and canning variety!
  • Dark Stripe Micro Tomato

    Introduced by Renaissance Farms in October 2020. Limited Supply!

    Dark Stripe Micro Tomato ( Limited to 1 order per customer)

    Introducing.. Dark Stripe Micro tomato! It's the only true dwarf multi-flora that I know of.  There are several dwarf varieties that claim to be multiflora but don't quite produce abundantly, or have the habit. Seeds for these were shared with me several years ago, unstable and at F3.  I have worked on it, selecting mostly for its multiflora qualities, plant size and taste. It's now very stable!  Not only that, this tomato is a beautifully bi-colored variety. Although it's called a micro, it has the habit of a true dwarf. Rugose leafed, tree-like plants, can reach 2 feet tall in-the-ground, and up to 1.5 in 2-3 gallon pots. Also, this is an indeterminate variety! These plants produce many bunches of 40-60 fruits all on a very short plant, all season long. These do not produce many seeds. Many of my plants have produced over 250 tomatoes. I also like that it's not too seedy! We will be offering our seeds a little above our average prices due to low seed count and it's rarity.. At this time (2020-2021) we are the only vendor in the world to offer these! Taste is awesome, rich, sweet and balanced. You would love this tomato! Great for containers or in the ground! LIMITED SUPPLY! (1 order per customer)
  • If beauty, taste and production is what you love in your tomatoes, then Desdemona's Heart tomato might satisfy tour desires. Similar to Orange Russian 117, this oxheart variety is certainly worth growing. vines produce plenty 4-10 ounce beefsteaks that are mostly yellow inside, with some pink/red marbling. Fruits are sweet, meaty, have great texture and some underlying fruitiness. You can expect your first ripened tomatoes around the 80 day mark. Proper staking can certainly help. Perfect variety for sandwiches, sauces, market sales, fresh eating, cooking and garnishing. Truthfully, you can do anything with Desdemona's Heart! Vines have shown good disease resistance in our gardens.
  • Dwarf Noah Stripes tomato is a wonderful bi-colored fruit with rich complex flavor. This tomato reminds me of Girl Girl's Weird Thing tomato but on a dwarf plant. Our tree-like plants were no taller than 3.5 feet, had rugose leaves and they were very productive. Definitely one of the hardiest varieties that we grew in 2021.  These will do good in larger containers of perhaps 4-5 gallons and with regular feeding and watering. Will have to be staked because of heavy production. Nice little slicer that's definitely worth growing!
  • Fuego Rosa Tomato


    Fuego Rosa Tomato

    Fuego Rosa tomato is  an elongated variety that will blow you away with its beauty, size and beefsteak- like flavor. It does not have strong tomato flavor like some other elongated sorts, but it's still a winner! Bred by Fred Hempel of Artisan seeds, Fuego Rosa resembles one of it's parents(Striped Roman), except that it has clear skin. Fuego Rosa is pink. Vines are wispy, prolific and produce all season long. Early staking will be helpful. This is a perfect tomato for salads, snacking. Great in sauces, for cooking, garnishing and more. One of my favorites in 2018. Try Fuego Rosa, you'll have a blast! See it on YouTube!
  • Harvard Square Tomato


    Harvard Square Tomato

    A standout for us in 2019, Harvard Square tomato will remain in my gardens from now on. Delicious fruits have unique fruitiness and after-taste that results in a very pleasing experience. Beautiful inside and out, this variety is a huge producer. Well ripened fruits are beautifully bi-colored and will turn heads. Ripeed fruits can also have pinkish blush on the blossom end, which can seep trough to it's flesh. Just a beautiful selection. Fruits begin to ripen about 75 days after transplant. Plants will produce all season long! Good disease resistance. Great choice for garnish, slicing a platter, cooking, market sales and more. Click Here to see it on YouTube
  • Karma Miracle Tomato


    Karma Miracle Tomato

    What a fine tasting variety! KARMA Miracle tomato is another excellent production by Canadian breeder Karen Olivier and Marsha Eisenberg of Plantation Florida. Together, these two dedicated women created the KARMA series. Miracle is perhaps my favorite because its taste is top of the line and it's also super beautiful too. Tall, wispy potato leafed vines, have staying power and produced well in 2020. These began to ripen around 72 days from transplant. They will also do well in northern gardens. Now, back to taste! Some fruitiness, nice balance, complete experience, satisfying. Get ready to harvest a lot of larger sized cherries, all season long! A Winner for sure!
  • Kozula 132 Tomato

    Kuzula 132 tomato was a first time grow-out for us in 2018. I found that it was a great snacking, fresh salsa, garnish, canning and cooking tomato. It leans to the milder side with some small hints of sugars and acidity in its aftertaste.  Vines are prolific and never really budged for diseases. They began to ripen their fruits around 72 days after we transplanted them in the garden. Beautiful bi-color fruits were plum shaped and about 2 inches long. All in all it is a good tomato for quite a few things. I snacked on these a lot while I was in the garden, especially on hot days. They were quite refreshing! See Kozula 133.
  • Kozula 133 Tomato

    Curious, we wanted to try Kuzula 133 tomato in 2018. The result was a very pretty tomato with nice taste.  this one wasn't only pretty, but prolific too. They did take a little longer to ripen than I expected, coming in at 80 days, but the wait was worth it. Fruits had good flavor but were on the milder side. There was a very pleasing after-taste that worked well fo me. I also enjoyed it's aroma when fully ripened and sliced. Plants do need early staking because they are skinny and gets easily toppled.  These may also work well in larger containers and in full sun. Try em!
  • Maple Syrup Tomato

  • Midnight Sun Tomato


    Midnight Sun Tomato

    Just when you thought you saw it all, Karen Olivier has produced a line of potato leafed oxhearts that will totally blow your mind. There are NO  oxhearts, especially potato leafed varieties, that are as beautiful as hers! Midnight Sun tomato is a 5, to perhaps 10 ounce oxheart, that are produced on wispy, potato leafed plants. These, as all of Karen's varieties were bred in Canada, and are all suitable for northern gardens! Plants grew taller than 6 feet and always looked healthy. Staking was absolutely necessary from the very beginning because these are truly wispy vines! Taste is superb and delightful when fully ripened. This one has a rich finish, while having a full tomato experience. I would totally recommend these to chefs, or anyone wanting to plate some very beautiful colors. Midnight Sun started ripening about 75 days after transplant. Have a look at our pictures, delightful! These are a must grow! Find Karen's Facebook Page HERE!
  • Piedmont Pear Tomato


    Piedmont Pear Tomato

    A pretty and tasty variety, Piedmont Pear tomato will turn heads in your garden. High producing plants are about 5 feet tall and begin ripening their fruits around day 75 from transplant. These had really good disease resistance for us. Fruits are borne in many clusters of 5 or 6 and when fully ripened are sweeter, mild and have fruity undertones. A pleasure for snacking, making preserves (jams etc) and plating/garnish. These would be a nice addition to any tomato garden. Try them!
  • Pink Boar Tomato

    or the record, I like this tomato. I was really surprised with Pink Boar tomato in 2018. Honestly, it wasn't one that I had my eyes on. Even after they started ripening I wasn't anxious to taste them. Then one day, I harvested a bunch for seeding...  At first glance, 4-8 ounce bi-colored could easily be mistaken for some other varieties. But their distinct and flavorful taste distinguishes them form some others that look alike. This is a very good selection for first-time tomato growers because they have good production,  are pretty, tasty and relatively early too. Nice for slicing, snacking and sandwiches!
  • Red Lithium Tomato


    Red Lithium Tomato

    Wow! Talk about pretty! Red Lithium tomato is a prolific producer of some of the prettiest bi-colored, red with yellow/gold striped tomatoes.  A bee cross from Lithium Sunset in Fred Hempel's garden, then stabilized by Marsha Eisenberg in Florida, ours averaged 5 -10 ounces. Plants were about 4-5 feet tall and showed really good disease resistance. These were forward mildly sweet, with good balance  and flavorful. Nice texture too! A juicy tomato, they were great snacks in the garden! Get your baskets ready, Red Lithium tomatoes are going to fill them up many times over! Plants will need some staking! Red Lithium tomatoes began ripening around day 76 after transplant.
  • Sailor’s Luck Tomato

    We planted Sailor's Luck tomato in a place where it could be easily seen in our garden. It took about 75 days before fruits started to ripen. I liked that they were prolific and also appreciated that they had good disease resistance. Sailor's Luck is an oval/blunt heart shaped tomato, which is milder but tomatoey. Bi-colored purple and green striped fruits have visual appeal!  It's texture is not firm but not too soft either. It's not sweet or tart and its flavor is very good. It will be a good choice for cooking, fresh salsa, canning, sauce, and snacking.


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