• Claude Brown's Yellow Giant Tomato

    Claude Brown's Yellow Giant tomato is perhaps the most consistently huge, yellow tomato that we have grown, ever! Many of our fruits have reached 2.5 pounds and most were between 1.5 to 2 pounds. It is a sweeter, meaty and very dense fruit that is tailor made for sandwiches! Vines are about 6 feet tall and display good disease resistance.. They need to be well staked, with regular revisions. If you are looking for a great tasting, huge yellow tomato, this is one that you must have!
  • Cleota Pink Tomato

    I am so excited to write about this tomato that I am all tingly inside. Cleota Pink tomato was one of our best 5 selections In 2017. Out of 200 varieties grown, Cleota Pink was one of the standouts! Extra large tomatoes, constantly cross 1.5 pounds and even produce plenty of 2 pound and bigger fruits. This big beauty is very meaty and balanced. I haven't really tasted a beefsteak quite like it. Vines are potato leaf and grow to about 6 feet tall in full sunlight. Fruits begin to ripen about 85 days after transplant and continue on until frost. Do with this beauty whatever you want! Please check out our 1-2 pound tomato category for more interesting varieties.
  • Delicious Hunt Strain Tomato

    Delicious (Hunt Strain) tomato is a beefsteak lover's dream. This tomato is so large, meaty and good that you would need nothing more if these were the only beefsteaks you grew. Strong, disease resistant vines, produce plenty of huge beefsteaks that often cross 2 pounds. I have been saving seeds only from the biggest and everything is over 2 pounds. These are the same seeds that I offer on our website. Fruits are balanced and full flavored. Just the best! Check out our images. Do with these whatever you want!! PS: I have a difficult time selling these at the market because they are so large. They sell better towards the end of the season when they are smaller and around 1 pound.
  • Epstein's Big Zac Tomato

    If you are looking for a great tasting beefsteak that will always grow large, Epstein's Big Zac tomato will work for  you. Huge pink fruits can reach 3 pounds and grow on potato leaf vines. Plants, though not prolific, produce plenty. I really like its disease resistance. These held up really well even in a tough growing season. Big Zac is fun flavored, tasty and reminds me of Cleota Pink. This is a superb choice for growers wanting a tasty beefsteak, especially for sandwiches. This variety will benefit from early staking. These make thick, meaty slices. I love them!
  • Giant Monster Tomato


    Giant Monster Tomato

    Oh my gosh! It's a giant! The average Giant Monster tomato can easily weigh 1.5 pounds, seriously! This huge red beefsteak is an all purpose variety. Among the meatiest fruits that we grow, it's sweet, fruity, rich and have good delicious balance! This is a very good tomato. Vines are perhaps six feet tall and produce plenty one to two pounders. Some are even larger! They begin to ripen about 85 days after transplant and remain huge all the way through Fall!
  • Gigant Farina Tomato


    Gigant Farina Tomato

    Need big? You've got it right here! Just look at the images and you will know that Giant Farina tomato is the real deal! Sweet and flavorful fruits can weigh 2.5 pounds with many being over 2 pounds. Our plants were around 5 feet tall and produced well for such a large fruited variety. These were a little later to ripen but totally worth the wait. I made some fine tomato sauce with these. I also made super sandwiches. Giant Farina is sweeter and forward tasting. I think its best uses would be sauce, sandwiches and cooking. But do with it whatever you wish. I'm sure it will be fine!!
  • Goatbag Tomato


    Goatbag Tomato

    Welcome to Renaissance Farms special strain of Goatbag tomato. Originally selected form smaller fruits, we have worked about 14 years, by intentionally selecting the absolute biggest fruits for saving seeds. The result is a fruit that is now consistently more than doubled it's original size but with the same huge flavor. We first got our original seeds from an old farmer at our local Farmers' Market. He promised a great tasting tomato and he was correct. Since then, all that we have done is select for size. Great taste! Perfect for sauces, sandwiches, cooking, paste and more! A must have!  
  • Gold Medal Tomato


    Gold Medal Tomato

    My favorite large yellow bi-color tomato, I have grown Gold Medal for at least 18 years. Each year since then, I have saved seeds from to biggest. Today we consistently grow fruits that are above 2 pounds. The seeds we sell are from this same stock, so your fruits will be large! Gold Medal tomato is sweet, juicy, meaty and delicious. It grows on average sized vines that are not too bushy. Fruits begin to ripen about 90 days after transplant and continue all the way until frost. Do with this baby whatever you wish! Visit out Beefsteak Category for more delicious varieties. See it on YouTube!
  • Gordo De Patones Tomato

    If you are looking for consistently large fruits, try Gordo De Patones Tomato. These were very large in 2020. They averaged 1.5-2.5 pounds consistently! This is a very good BLT tomato! These plants produced plenty, for having such large fruits. Taste was a milder mix of tarts and sweets. Very good old fashioned flavor and nice texture too! Another one that showed good disease resistance. Plants, and sometimes fruits, need tons of support! A big tomato for a big tomato gardener!
  • Hoy Tomato

    Hoy is one of my favorite selections for 2017. Hard working plants produce massive tomatoes that never stop coming until frost. Even the very last fruits in the Fall are HUGE. In 2017 we grew several 2 pounders, most were between 1.5 and 2 pounds. Fruits are sweet, excessively meaty, tasty and delicious. It's also very dense. If your mission it to grow huge, tasty tomatoes, Hoy is the way to go! Perfect for sandwiches!
  • Italo Tomato


    Italo Tomato

    Italo tomato is a huge oxheart that can reach 3.5 pounds. I have heard stories that some growers have harvested 5 pounders. I will have to see that to believe it! These averaged 2 pounds and got smaller as the season wound down. At the height of the season we were harvesting 2 pounders all day long! Italo is meaty, sweet, weighty and solid. Fine tomato taste. Ripens red. Plants are not necessarily tall, perhaps 4-5 feet but produce a good amount of fruits. These held up great against diseases! Perfect for sandwiches, cooking, or even making some superb sauce. Plants will need plenty of early support!
  • Pepe's Gigante tomato is one of the most consistently large tomatoes that we have ever grown. All of the tomatoes were between 1.5 and 2.5 pounds. Even towards the end of the season, they were still more than one pound. This giant sized fruit bears on plants that are tall and lanky. They are meaty, balanced, sweet, and juicy. Plants ripen their fruits about 95 days after transplant. Stake well and often with regular revisions. These are perfect for sandwiches, sauces, market sales, cooking, and even salsa. Bring friends with you if you intend to eat them in the garden--you'll need help!
  • RW Cephei Tomato


    RW Cephei Tomato

    You may not believe it, but RW Cephei tomato is a fine sauce variety. Large fruits can reach 3 pounds. Ours average around 2.5.  Ruffled, flattened fruits are bright red when fully ripened. Plants are not too tall and produce moderately, yet plentiful for such a large variety. I made some awesome tomato sauce with these. I also like them for stews, canning and, when not over ripened for sandwiches. Sweet, flavorful old fashion tomato taste. 90 Days!
  • West Virginia Sweetmeat Tomato

    West Virginia Sweetmeat tomato is an Amish variety that can easily reach 2.5 pounds. In fact, about 10% of earlier fruits reached and surpassed that mark. A few were 3 pounds or more! Healthy, regular leafed plants, are hard working and produce quite nicely, though not prolific. Production was very pleasing and nonstop until season's end. The flavor is sweet, very rich and delicious. Texture was also very good. Plants MUST be staked properly, with some extra support for individual fruits where needed. Expect your first ripened fruit out 80 days after transplant. A great choice for sandwiches and so much more! If you love them huge with good flavor, this one's for you!  


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