• 75 Days. Raspberry Vikrant is a determinate variety that produces heavily. Smooth 5 to 8 ounce fruits, ripen to a tender pinkish red. Fruits are clean and blemish free. This, along with its nice flavor, makes it a good candidate for market vendors. Fruits are mildly sweet, juicy, with a slight acidic under-tone. Good for container growing!
  • Summer Sunrise Dwarf Tomato

    Summer Sunrise Dwarf tomato was one of my favorites of the 2017 growing season. It produced a lot of 6 to 12 ounce, canary yellow fruits with a pinkish blush at the bottom end. They were exceptionally delicious, especially when well ripened. 3.5 foot plants produced plenty fruits all the way until frost. If you love tomato sandwiches, Dummer Sunrise would work excellently. But that's not all. Sauces, salsa and more would love to have these! They are absolutely good fantastic when eaten right off the vine!  These are perfect in containers 5 gallons or larger. Great for patio growing and do excellently in the ground too. Try em, you'll like them! 80 Days. See it on YouTube! OSSI Pledge
  • I first grew Orange Cream as an experiment in my basement in 5 gallon buckets under lights during the winter of 2015. The experience was fulfilling and rewarding. They produced a good quantity of 4 to about 8 ounce, yellowish tomatoes with pink stripes on the bottom end. Under T5 lights they produced their first ripened fruits in about 80 days. Later that spring, I planted some in the garden and they produced fruits at about 85 days. When fully ripened, Dwarf Orange Cream is sweet, full flavored, and juicy. It is not a very intense tomato, but it is very satisfying. A great selection for those seeking milder, sweet tomatoes. In the fields, the plants grew to about 3 feet and in containers they were 5 inches taller--make of it what you wish. Overall this is a really great tomato that has everything to like about it. I especially appreciate its good disease resistance.
  • Amana Orange Tomato


    Amana Orange Tomato

    75-80 days. Amana Orange tomato is a large beefsteak that turns bright orange when fully ripened. Discovered by Gary Staley of Florida, this fine tomato could take care of all of your tomato issues. It's meaty, sweet, rich and very balanced. A great sandwich tomato, this will also be good in nice yellow sauce, cooking, salsas and just eating off the vine. Vines are bushy and tall and would need good staking. Expect lots or nice beefsteaks from this heavy producer.  Good disease resistance!  Fruits can weigh as much as 1.5 pounds but the average for us is between 14 and 18 ounces! Fabulous market variety! Also see Barnes Mountain OrangeAmana Orange On YouTube!
  • Big Green Dwarf Tomato

    One of the prettiest green varieties that we grow, Big Green Dwarf tomato is the perfect variety for anyone wanting to grow in smaller spaces or containers. Rugose leaf plants are good with avoiding diseases, and can reach 4 feet tall. and produce big crops of 6-16 ounce light olive tomatoes. When sliced, beautiful yellowish colors reveal themselves. Big Green Dwarf plants begin to ripen their fruits about 75-80 days after transplant. Tomatoes are Juicy, has a tart after-taste and rich. Great for sandwiches and salsas!
  • One of the greener slicers that we grow, I am so happy that it comes on a dwarf vine. Plants are about 4 feet tall and hardy and have rugose potato leaves. They begin to ripen their fruits about 85 days after transplant Boasting a balanced, full flavored taste, this is a tomato that you could do anything with. Our biggest fruits have been in the 10 ounce range!
  • Lucky Swirl is a medium sized bi-color fruit that grows on a four foot tall. indeterminate dwarf, tree type vine. It's evidence that dwarf varieties can produce larger than average fruits. This beauty is relatively meaty with plenty of real tomato flavors. It's just perfect for sandwich making! Vines have rugose leaves and produce a really nice amount of 6-10 ounce fruits, that could sometimes be even larger. These should be stalked well. You could expect your first ripened fruits around the 80 day mark and expect them to keep coming. Our vines have displayed good resistance to diseases. We do spray these with copper sulfate at least once during the season.
  • Rainbow Dwarf Tomato

    75 Days. Rainbow Dwarf is that I am so happy I grew in 2017. Four feet indeterminate plants produce nice size bi-color fruits that ate absolutely delicious. They are fruity, have a very smooth texture, on the sweet side and have good meat. For me, this is one of the best dwarf varieties. These work well in containers too. Vines have good disease resistance.
  • Rosella Crimson Dwarf Tomato

    Rosella Crimson Dwarf Tomato I not just a very pretty fruit, it has taste that compares with the best of them. This variety produces a swarm of 6-10 ounces fruits that never stop coming all season long. Ours are always the first to produce among our dwarf varieties. Rosella Crimson tomatoes are mildly sweet, juicy, with good complimentary flavors.
  • Dwarf Tasty Wine tomato is a deep pink tomato that is very tasty. Our rigs leaf vines were very vigorous and produce plenty (5-10 ounce) tomatoes that begin to ripen about 80 days after transplant. Fruits are right up the middle. They are neither too sweet or tart and very pleasing. An all around great tomato! good disease resistance! Great for larger containers!  
  • Producing a nice amount of fruits, Dwarf Wild Spudleaf tomato is a really great tomato. Its potato, rugose leaf plants are about four feet tall and begin ripening their fruits about 85 ays after transplant. Fruits are between 5-10 ounces, delicious and well balanced. Perfect for sandwiches, fresh salsa, garnishing, cooking and drying. Great for container growing!
  • 75 Days. Mariglobe Supreme is a red salad or slicing tomato that is as sturdy as they come. If you have a hard time growing tomatoes, try these. Extremely hardy vines produce high quantities of delicious fruits. Sweeter, with some acidic undertones, this tomato still has wonderful balance.
  • Are you are looking for a dwarf variety that has look appeal and great taste? Adelaide Festival would work well. Sweet and smoky fruits will blow you away with their richness and balance! These beautiful, bi-color fruits grow on 3 foot plants. Fruits begin to ripen about 80 days after transplant. Adelaide Festival Dwarf tomato is rich and juicy with good sweetness. I have had lots of success growing these in containers too! Heavily laden plants would need some help standing upright. Tomato cages work excellently in ground or in containers. Great sandwich, garnish, tomato and cooking tomato. This variety showed really good resistance to diseases! See it on YouTube!
  • Banskia Queen Dwarf tomato is a pretty yellow fruit that bears on vines that are about 3 feet tall. Even though it's a dwarf variety, it definitely has to be staked because its tomatoes are large and its production is good. Plants have rugose leaves and none of ours have ever showed signs of diseases. Our biggest fruits have been around 10 ounces and smallest around 4. When it comes to taste, it is milder, a bit tangy, with sweet undertones. It is a great salsa, sandwich, and cooking tomato, and if you have any left over, take them to the market--they'll do well. One quick note, for the last three years, we have sold literally thousands of dwarf tomato plants at our farmers market.
  • Boronia Dwarf Tomato

    Boronia Dwarf tomato is a short growing, tree type variety. It produces chocolate colored fruits that remind me of Cherokee Purple in taste. It's texture is different from Cherokee thought, but there are some similarities. Boronia's plants are short, perhaps 3 feet tall when planted in full sunlight, and produce a nice amount of very tasty fruits. In our garden, fruits take about 75 days to ripen and are constantly ripening after that, so don't take your eyes off of them. Our plants have always displayed good resistance to diseases, but they may need a little help. Spray with copper sulfate or Serenade fungicide, those have always worked well for us. This is a variety that is determined to produce and will work hard to provide you with a good dinner of sandwiches, salsa, or sauces. Try them, you'll like them!
  • Dwarf Pink Passion tomato reminds me more of a true fruit instead of a tomato. It possesses a personality all of its own and can truly inspire passion! 3 feet tall vines are hardy and produce a good amount of pale pink, aromatic fruits. If you love your tomatoes softer, juicy, fruity, and rich, this tomato will give you that experience. That's not all, sandwiches shine with Pink Passion as their companion. A little mayonnaise, black pepper, salt, olive oil, and perhaps some fresh basil, and your sandwich is good to go. Fruits begin to ripen about 80 days after transplant and plants must be staked. These babies can reach 8 ounces. Surprisingly, Pink Passion tastes great even when not fully ripened.
  • Dwarf Purple Heart Tomato

    Some of the most beautiful tomatoes that you would ever see, Dwarf Purple Heart tomato is a very exciting and tasty variety. True to the oxheart family, Dwarf Purple Heart plants have wispy leaves and skinny vines. they produce perfect hart shaped, deep brown/purple tomatoes that have olive shoulders. Fruits ripen about 85 days after transplant.
  • Dwarf Golden Gypsy is another prolific tomato that grows on plants that are about 3 feet tall. This may well be the most prolific producer for the size of fruit that they produce. I literally harvested bushels full of these golden beauties from just 5 plants. The fruits are sweet, thin skinned, fruity, and excessively juicy. The entire experience is fulfilling! These too, would do well in larger containers but must be staked. Let them ripen well for the fullest experience. If you are intrigued by dwarf varieties, this is a present for you.
  • Dwarf Mr Snow Tomato

    Dwarf Mister Snow tomato was the first yellow dwarf varieties that I tried. There s so much that I could say about this gem. It's sweet, juicy, fruity, has great texture and appeal. Beautiful canary yellow fruits can reach 1o ounces. I have grown these in 5 gallon buckets and also on the farm in the ground. All plants performed excellently. we usually harvest our first ripened ones about 85 days after transplant and continue harvesting for extended periods. Rugose leaf plants can grow as tall as 4 feet but they tree type and are not sprawling so they can easily be grown 2 feet apart in rows. try some of our freshly packed seeds in your next dwarf tomato garden. happy gardening!
  • New Big Dwarf Tomato


    New Big Dwarf Tomato

    New big Dwarf Tomato is among my favorite dwarf  tomato varieties. Rugose leaf plants produce big, pink slicers that can reach one pound are as tasty as they come. This is a great variety if you are gardening in smaller spaces and want bigger yields. Plants are hardy, prolific and produce excellently.  Our tallest plants were about 3.5 feet. this year we harvested our first ripened fruits about 85 days after transplant.  As usual, they were sweet, juicy and well balanced. Stake early and well. It's also a great variety for growing in larger containers!
  • Rosella Purple dwarf tomato is the perfect variety if you are a tomato beginner. Plants are about 4 feet tall, bushy and produce a tremendous amount of 6-12 ounce fruits that will amaze you with their taste. One bite into it's sot flesh will reveal a sweet an intense tomato that delivers the total tomato experience. This tomato easily compares to some of the better blacks or purples. Rosella works well as a sandwich maker, sauce pleaser and salsa saver. in fact, Rosella Purple will function well in almost all tomato applications. Try it, you will be amazed! Great for bigger containers such as a 5  gallon or larger!
  • Summertime Green Dwarf tomato is appropriately named in my opinion. For one thing, for me they begin to ripen right in the middle of the summer, around July 20th. The other thing about this bigger fruit, is that it stays quite green, never really changing colors much, even when it’s ripened. Rugose leaf plants  are tree type and grow to about 3.5 feet tall. They display good disease resistance and produce some nice sized tomatoes, with the larger ones weighing in about 10 ounces. Its flavor is certainly a thing to behold. this one is on the it’s sweet with plenty juice. I also like that it has a little fruity kickback. Summertime Green is a great tomato for salsas, sandwiches, cooking and eating right off of the plant. Go for it!
  • Yukon Quest is a very nice slicing dwarf tomato that grows on 3 feet tree-like plants. Fruits grows in bunches of 3-5 and are about the size of a tennis ball. They are sweeter with a tinge of acidity and very juicy. These are perfect for containers. When growing in containers, I usually use 5 gallon containers and have great success. Our plants were sprayed with Coper Sulfate and stood up well to diseases. Fruits begin to ripen about 75 days after transplant. Some staking may be necessary.
  • Each year when I grow dwarf  tomatoes, I look for varieties that are good producers of nice sized fruits. Bubble Gum Dwarf tomato is one of them. One of the prettiest pink tomatoes that you would  find, Bubble Gum is not a fancy type. It's just a simple, clean pink slicer with great flavor. Indeterminate plants are "tree type" and produce all season long through frost. This is also a great variety for container growing. I suggest 4 gallon or larger containers. Our plants began to ripen their fruits around the 72 days after transplant. 4-8 ounce fruits have very good balance. They are sweeter but not overly so. There is also a slight tinge of acidity. Great sandwich tomato. Ours have kept very well after harvest. See It on YouTube
  • Dwarf Catydid Tomato

    If you are looking for an exciting and new dwarf variety, feel free to start here! Dwarf Catydid tomato is a winner! When we grew these out this year we were excited to find that they were prolific too! Tomatoes are about 6-12 ounces and fruity good! Thick meat make appealing slices that have a very desirable aroma. Our indeterminate plants were leaf dense, about 4 feet tall and produced a nice amount of fruits. We recorded our first ripening tomatoes at 74 days. These are perfect for sandwiches, garnish, market sales, fresh eating and cooking. I also made some really good fried green tomato with some. Catydid is a winner! See It On YouTube.


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