• Black Beauty Tomato

    If you ever want a tomato that can be used in a million ways, this would be one of them. Black beauty tomato is a pretty tomato that belongs to the anthology family. Averaging about 6 ounces, Black Beauty has mostly black on the top and fades into a pretty reddish purple on the bottom end. What a sight to see! Antho tomatoes on the same plant can vary in color intensity, so watch out for some very interesting variations!! Black beauty tomato is earthy, sweetish and has a little bit of tang. Its taste is generally richer than some many other antho varieties . Perfect for sandwiches, slicing, garnish and cooking and market sales. So if you are a vendor, your booth will be busy if you sell these! Grown using organic methods. See it on YouTube!
  • Alices Dream Tomato


    Alice's Dream Tomato

    80 days. Alice's Dream tomato is one of the prettiest tomatoes that you will ever grow. Fruits of this antho variety even turn heads before they ripen. Beautiful yellow and orange, bi-color fruits turn darker on the top side with blushes of yellow, orange and reds on other parts of the fruit. Tomatoes are sweet and earthy with very upfront fruitiness. Vines are relatively hardy, prolific and tall. Stake well. See it on YouTube!
  • Delicious Hunt Strain Tomato

    Delicious (Hunt Strain) tomato is a beefsteak lover's dream. This tomato is so large, meaty and good that you would need nothing more if these were the only beefsteaks you grew. Strong, disease resistant vines, produce plenty of huge beefsteaks that often cross 2 pounds. I have been saving seeds only from the biggest and everything is over 2 pounds. These are the same seeds that I offer on our website. Fruits are balanced and full flavored. Just the best! Check out our images. Do with these whatever you want!! PS: I have a difficult time selling these at the market because they are so large. They sell better towards the end of the season when they are smaller and around 1 pound.
  • Goatbag Tomato


    Goatbag Tomato

    Welcome to Renaissance Farms special strain of Goatbag tomato. Originally selected form smaller fruits, we have worked about 14 years, by intentionally selecting the absolute biggest fruits for saving seeds. The result is a fruit that is now consistently more than doubled it's original size but with the same huge flavor. We first got our original seeds from an old farmer at our local Farmers' Market. He promised a great tasting tomato and he was correct. Since then, all that we have done is select for size. Great taste! Perfect for sauces, sandwiches, cooking, paste and more! A must have!  
  • Blue Pear Tomato


    Blue Pear Tomato

    My absolute favorite of the 2017 season, Blue Pear Tomato was truly something to behold. Beautiful and mostly clean pear shaped fruits, are different shades of black and reds, with each color fading into each other. A member of the antho family, Blue Pear Tomato should be in everyone's garden. Bred by Ruslan Doohov, one of Europe's premier breeders, Blue pear fruits realize their richest colors colors when fully ripened.  Vines were very disease resistant and prolific. In fact it took a second, heavier frost to take them out. Blue Pear is sweet, juicy, rich and very satisfying. It's a very pleasing tomato through and through. If you have never tried these, you deserve to! Check out our images. We are proud to have grown them right here at Renaissance Farms.
  • Curtis Cheek Tomato


    Curtis Cheek Tomato

    Perhaps the best tomato that I have ever tasted. Beautiful, large beefsteaks that are so delicious your eyes would pop put.. Read the story below about how I got this awesome variety!!
  • Dwarf Firebird Sweet Tomato

    No other variety excited me in 2017 like Dwarf Firebird Sweet tomato. I was anxious to start seeds, anxious to transplant, stake, harvest and eat! The anxiety was totally worth it. It truly is a very exciting tomato. 4-10 ounce bi-color fruits are sweet, juicy, full flavored and satisfying. Let them ripen well and you will be highly rewarded. Dwarf Firebird Sweet vines are not more than 4 feet(usually shorter). Ours made it to about 3.5 feet tall by the end of the season. They produced clusters of five tomatoes that begin to ripen after 75 days. It is a very good tomato that you must try! Feel free to visit our Dwarf Tomato categories
  • Midnight Sun Tomato


    Midnight Sun Tomato

    Just when you thought you saw it all, Karen Olivier has produced a line of potato leafed oxhearts that will totally blow your mind. There are NO  oxhearts, especially potato leafed varieties, that are as beautiful as hers! Midnight Sun tomato is a 5, to perhaps 10 ounce oxheart, that are produced on wispy, potato leafed plants. These, as all of Karen's varieties were bred in Canada, and are all suitable for northern gardens! Plants grew taller than 6 feet and always looked healthy. Staking was absolutely necessary from the very beginning because these are truly wispy vines! Taste is superb and delightful when fully ripened. This one has a rich finish, while having a full tomato experience. I would totally recommend these to chefs, or anyone wanting to plate some very beautiful colors. Midnight Sun started ripening about 75 days after transplant. Have a look at our pictures, delightful! These are a must grow! Find Karen's Facebook Page HERE!
  • If you are love growing fun and tasty varieties, Curly Kaley tomato would definitely be one to try. This variety is perfect for containers or patio growing.  Plants are about 15-20 inches tall. Very unique plants look like they have the stick gene with very thick, firm trunks and narrow width. They produce plenty, slightly elongated, red cherry tomatoes. These are very tasty and firm to the touch. This can be placed in the micro-dwarf or dwarf categories. Fruits are fleshy treats, have a low seed count, and they are sweet and tangy. Perfect salad and snacking tomato. Plants have a indeterminate habit and continue producing all season long. Best grown in a 1-2 gallon container.
  • BrandyFred Dwarf Tomato

    Limited Seeds. One order per customer Please! BrandyFred Dwarf tomato is a rugose leafed variety. Tree type plants grow to about 4 feet tall and produce big crops of 10-16 ounce fruits that ripen about 80 days after transplant. This variety is proof that large sized fruits do grow on dwarf plants. Stake well! One taste and you will experience the richness of a true old fashioned tomato. It's on the sweet side and well balanced. This is a perfect sandwich tomato. BrandyFred tomato would also do well in containers. Try them 3 gallons or larger!  Consider growing white a few plant if you are a market vendor. They are big hits with our customers! Feel free to visit our other dwarf tomato varieties HERE!    See it on YouTube!
  • Evil Olive Tomato


    Evil Olive Tomato

    I really got a surprise when my Evil Olive tomato plants started ripening their fruits. Even as an experienced grower, their exterior colors when fully ripened were stunning and surprising to me. But that's not all! I got an even bigger surprise when I cut them open. Beautiful shades of orange, greens and lime suddenly revealed themselves. Evil Olive plants have a darkish tint to their foliage and produce plenty regular sized cherry tomatoes. Fruit color is dark green with a nice shade of orange on blossom end, when ripened. Taste is nice with a little tang. Great fresh salsa tomato! Also nice for snacking, canning, garnish. Good disease resistance. 75 days after transplant.
  • Piennolo del Vesuvio tomato is an Italian variety that's perfect for canning and even sauces. Slightly elongated, cherry fruits have nipples in their blossom end. Five feet tall plants produce many large clusters of fruits. They begin to ripen in 65-70 days after transplant. Our plants also demonstrated nice disease resistance. We had no diseases on them in 2018.  I made some killer sauce with these. I also enjoyed some fresh salsa too! These will work well for market sales. They also keep well after harvest. Try dehydrating some for tomato flakes or dried tomatoes for your meals. Prolific!
  • I first grew Chyornyi Tarasenko Tomato in 2016 and was excessively pleased with it. Nice sized, shiny, deep chocolate fruits ripen about 80-85 days after transplant. Chyornyi Tarasenko is rich, juicy and more balanced than most. These babies are exceptionally beautiful. Vines are 6 feet tall, produce big crops. Vines are very disease resistant. When sliced, fruits come alive revealing beautiful shade of purples and deep pinks!
  • Beauty Lottringa Tomato

    80 Days. One of our huge scores for the 2017 season, Beauty Lottringa tomatoes turned every head that walked through our gardens. Huge, flattish, ruffled tomatoes  grew on shorter vines(perhaps 4 feet tall) and were awesome all season long. These had absolutely no signs of diseases. Fruits ripened to a deep red and the largest ones can reach 1.5 pounds. Our largest fruits in 2017 weighed 20 ounces and smallest around 8. If you love sweet spaghetti sauce, this will be one to look at. Seriously, this thing made some really great sauce! I also enjoyed them when dried. A winner at the farmers market! See it on YouTube! Due to the excessively high demand for this product, we have reduced the number of orders to one 10 or 20 pack per order. Thanks.
  • Big Sungold Select tomato easily fits in with some of the best cherries available today. Without a doubt, this is one definitely worth growing! Clusters of 6-8 fruits begin to ripen around 68 days from transplant. They turn from green to a beautiful yellow that deserves attention. Plants can be taller than 6 feet and are very vibrant. Big Sungold Select can easily be used as a main crop cherry type, for market sales etc. Tomatoes are fruity, firms, crack-free and delish! Expect to harvest all season long. Stake well and reap your rewards. Perfect for snacking, salads, dehydrating, tomato jam and so much more! Everyone who tried them wanted more!
  • This tomato is not weird, it's delicious! Girls Girl's Weird thing tomato is ready for anything! beautiful, oblate fruits can reach 14 ounces. They ripen to a beautiful brown with green vertical stripes that fit perfectly together. Flavor is rich, complex and sweeter with good balance. This is a surprisingly good tomato! Perfect for sauces, sandwiches, market sales, garnishing and as a slicing tomato. Vines are six feet tall and produce tons!
  • I am delighted to present to you, Great White Blues tomato! Absolutely stunning to look it, this unique looking fruit is about 6-10 ounces. It is fairly meaty, juicy sweet and fruity. This tomato is no slouch. In fact its surprisingly good. Fruits grow on five to six feet tall vines and begin to ripen about 80 days after transplant. An absolute pleasure to grow. When grown in full sunlight, they came alive. You will experience variations of colors form very dark to a vary pale yellow/white. this is a must grow! Great Sandwich, garnish, salsa and fresh eating tomato. Does exceptionally well at farmers market! For more delicious unique colored tomatoes, feel free to visit our Antho Category.
  • Belmonte Tomato


    Belmonte Tomato 

    Belmonte tomato is a large red beefsteak that grows on tall strong vines. It produces a really good amount of fruits that can compete with the best of them. What I really like about this tomato is that it's vines always blow through diseases. that determination to produce makes them a regular in my garden. Fruits begin to ripen about 80 days after transplant and continue all the way till frost. Our biggest fruits were in the 1.5 pound range and smallest around 10 ounces. Tomatoes are juicy, sweeter and overall well balanced. This is a perfect sandwich tomato that has some similarities to Pink Brandywine. Also great for market vendors.
  • 75-Days. Some of the most unique tomatoes that you would ever grow, Little Lucky Heart tomato is also one of the prettiest. Ping pong ball sized, heart shaped fruits are beautifully, bi-colored.  They are so pretty and tasty that you will definitely grow them every year. I am especially fascinated by the fact that these beauties are grown on potato leafed, prolific vines. Fruits are very juicy and balanced with nice fruitiness. Eat a lot because they just keep coming all the way until Fall.! They are perfect for snacking in the garden, salsas, sliced salads, for market production, drying for flakes and so much more! Please visit our oxheart category for more beautiful tomatoes.
  • Dark Stripe Micro Tomato

    Introduced by Renaissance Farms in October 2020. Limited Supply!

    Dark Stripe Micro Tomato ( Limited to 1 order per customer)

    Introducing.. Dark Stripe Micro tomato! It's the only true dwarf multi-flora that I know of.  There are several dwarf varieties that claim to be multiflora but don't quite produce abundantly, or have the habit. Seeds for these were shared with me several years ago, unstable and at F3.  I have worked on it, selecting mostly for its multiflora qualities, plant size and taste. It's now very stable!  Not only that, this tomato is a beautifully bi-colored variety. Although it's called a micro, it has the habit of a true dwarf. Rugose leafed, tree-like plants, can reach 2 feet tall in-the-ground, and up to 1.5 in 2-3 gallon pots. Also, this is an indeterminate variety! These plants produce many bunches of 40-60 fruits all on a very short plant, all season long. These do not produce many seeds. Many of my plants have produced over 250 tomatoes. I also like that it's not too seedy! We will be offering our seeds a little above our average prices due to low seed count and it's rarity.. At this time (2020-2021) we are the only vendor in the world to offer these! Taste is awesome, rich, sweet and balanced. You would love this tomato! Great for containers or in the ground! LIMITED SUPPLY! (1 order per customer)
  • Sgt Pepper’s Tomato


    Sgt Pepper's Tomato

    Sgt Pepper's tomato is a member of the antho family. Plants produce the most beautiful oxhearts that are literally black on the top and deep red on the bottom end. The amount of anthology can vary depending on the level of exposure and time of year. Sgt Pepper's tomato vines are very skinny with wispy leaves.  They can be as tall as 6 feet. Plants produce a high quantity of 3-6 ounce fruits that begin to ripen about 80 days after transplant. Proper staking is required!  It is a sweet tomato with a hint of earthiness. There is plenty of meat too! These are perfect for fresh eating, garnishing, cooking, drying and a necessity for market sales. Its beauty and taste make it quite qualified to be in my future gardens.
  • Sart Roloise Tomato


    Sart Roloise Tomato

    Sart Roloise tomato is a newer variety that has quickly gained popularity. It has a very unique and distinct coloration. A member of the anthocyanin family, this tomato proudly boasts its colors on its skin. It is one of the few varieties that is black on the top side and white on the bottom end. There may also be bluish blackish vertical streaks on parts of this beautiful tomato. Sart Roloise vines are tall and skinny. They produce clusters of 5, or so, tomatoes that are sweet and earthy with lots of juice. They turn dark purple wherever the sun touches them.  Fruits vary in weight from 4 to perhaps 8 ounces. Many of ours were in the 6 ounce range. They are among some of the most beautiful tomatoes that you will ever lay your eyes on! These are great for slicing, garnishing, and sandwiches. Market sales are excellent! Also check out Great White Blues tomato.
  • The most beautiful of bi-color fruits, no other oxheart tomato has the presence of Orange Russian 117 tomato. it's not just beautiful looker, though. Orange Russian is a good tasting tomato. It's medium-mild, slightly fruity and sweetish. Overall it has a very pleasant finish. I have grown this one for about 10 years and have always ben pleased. Fruits average about 8 ounces but many can reach close to the one pound range. Harty, skinny vines begin to ripen fruits about 85 ays after transplant. Good for sandwiches, sweet sauce, garnishing and sweeter sewed tomatoes. Great at Farmers' market! Watch out!!
  • Yellow Accordion is a sweet, soft, beautiful, stuffing type tomato. It is also juicy! This tomato is a great fresh eating tomato off the vine and excellent when stuffed with already cooked food. It will not stand up to oven heat for more than a few minutes. Vines are very tall, prolific, resilient, and show great disease resistance. Great for fresh eating, stuffing, and salsa. Especially good for garnish and in sauces! This is one you must try. See it On YouTube!
  • Big Green Dwarf Tomato

    One of the prettiest green varieties that we grow, Big Green Dwarf tomato is the perfect variety for anyone wanting to grow in smaller spaces or containers. Rugose leaf plants are good with avoiding diseases, and can reach 4 feet tall. and produce big crops of 6-16 ounce light olive tomatoes. When sliced, beautiful yellowish colors reveal themselves. Big Green Dwarf plants begin to ripen their fruits about 75-80 days after transplant. Tomatoes are Juicy, has a tart after-taste and rich. Great for sandwiches and salsas!
  • Abbittista Tomato

    Perhaps the biggest and fattest sauce tomato that I have grown, Abbittista tomato has  certainly won a place in my heart. Similar to Polish Linguisa, this beautiful, red fruit, is elongated and can reach 4 inches long. Plants for us were prolific and started ripening their fruits around 80 days after transplant. I especially loved that they displayed good disease resistance, even in a bad tomato year. I also liked that it taste very good when eaten fresh. When I made sauce with Abbittista, I was blown away. Rich, thick sauce, was naturally on the sweeter side. I did not have to do much with it to make it perfect for serving. This tomato will also work well for ketchup. See it on YouTube!
  • ILDI Tomato

    70 Days. Millions and millions of sweet, pear-like cherry tomatoes are what you are going to get from an  Ildi tomato plant. If it's taste and quantity that you are after, this multi-flora variety is famous for it's heavy production and fantastic taste. Vibrant vines refuse to drop blooms and basically produce more tomatoes than any variety that I know of. It has been one of my best selling plants at the farmers market for many years! it's also a favorite of mine for making salads and jams but you can really do whatever you want with this little gem. Eat as many as you wish in the garden, you can't get them done! Perfect for salads, snacking, sweet jams or jellies. Dehydrate some too!
  • Dwarf Suzy's Beauty Tomato

    You will be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful fruit when sliced, than Dwarf Suzy's Beauty tomato. Big bi-colored fruits, can reach 14 ounces but average 10. They have plenty of exterior appeal too! Other than looks, these are very tasty, with rich, thick juice that drips from your fingers. Plenty fruitiness and sweets are also very evident. This is a very good tomato! Dwarf plants are 3 feet tall and produce a lot for such  large variety. Ours started ripening about 75 days after transplant. These may do well in 5 gallon containers or bigger. Perfect if you have a small garden space but wanting big fruits and production! Recommended!


14/2/2021: Hi everyone. Just a quick note to say that due to COVID-19, we are still running behind on orders. Presently, processing time is about 5 days plus shipping. Please consider this before making your order. ~Curtis T Maters

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