• Taiga Tomato


    Taiga Tomato

    Karen Olivier has done it again! Her Taiga tomato made big waves in our garden in 2020. I just can't believe how beautiful and tasty these are! 6-12 ounce oxhearts are produced on tall potato leafed plants that start ripening around mid season(75-80 days). Give them a chance to ripen well, then cut and taste. You will find that these are a little fruity, juicy, have lots of nicely textured meat and are delicious! Deceptively weighty, there aren't too many seeds in this gem. Plants are very hardy and are recommended for northern gardens too! Awesome selection for slicing, sandwiches, garnish, cooking or just eating right of the vine.
  • True Colors Tomato


    True Colors Tomato

    Again, another fascinating bi-colored oxheart from Karen Olivier. Like Midnight Sun, True Colors will blow you away with its taste and beauty. It's almost ironic that this variety is called True Colors when its colors almost seem unreal. Then on the other hand, perhaps that's exactly what Karen planned. These wispy, potato leafed plants, produced 8-14 ounce oxhearts that were always beautiful. Vines were skinny and lanky and would need early staking. Plants produced plenty, though not prolific. I was certainly pleased with production. These were bred by  in Canada by Karen and will be suitable for northern gardens. When fully ripened, these are sweeter, sort of fruity and medium mild. Balance and texture are superb! 70-75 days
  • Upstate Oxheart Tomato

    There is so much I could say about this tomato. Upstate Oxheart is a very large, pretty, and satisfying tomato with very few seeds. True to the oxheart family, this variety knows not how to disappoint! Our biggest this year have been in the 2 pound range which obviously meant that we had to stake very well. Oxheart are noted for having skinny vines and can grow really tall. As far as taste, this tomato has sweet mellow meat and is moderately juicy. It is in the vein of Curtis Cheek. It is weighty, solid and perfect for sauces, fresh eating, sandwiches, paste, catsup, or perhaps anything you can imagine. A really good all around tomato that you MUST try! Bite into one at the bottom end when fully ripened and mmmmmm......it's over! See it on YouTube!
  • Valentina Doohova tomato is easily one of the best red oxhearts that we have grown. This super clean tomato is also very pretty. Reminiscent of Mayo's Delight, this cutie is pack full of flavor and ready for a sandwich. Bright red fruits are aromatic and a  perfect balance of sweet, acids, juice and flesh. Plants are wispy leafed and produce large crops of 6-12 ounce fruits that, when fully ripened, will blow you away! We harvest our first ripened ones around 75 days after transplant. This is a great market tomato because to its taste, looks and production. Cooking, canning, sauce, garnish and more!
  • I was introduced to Velmahoza Magnate tomato about 5 years ago and I totally loved them. Somehow I forgot to grow them out again until 2018.  This tomato reminds me a lot of Curtis Cheek tomato in looks, but has a totally different flavor and texture. Plants are wispy, as most oxhearts are. They grow to about 5 feet tall and produce pretty pink oxhearts. Our biggest fruits this year were about 14 ounces, but I would say that they average about 8-10 ounces. Ours always stand up well to early blight. Thick, smooth and sweeter meat that's made for sandwiches and sauces. Recommended!
  • Wes Tomato

    80 Days. Wes is a beautiful red oxheart that you should totally enjoy. Like most other oxheart tomatoes, it grows on skinny vines with wispy leaves. I have noticed Wes tomato vines loves the hotter months. ours really shine from mid-July through August! Fruits are sweet, meaty and rich with some other complimentary flavors. The end result being a great tomato. I recommend these for sandwich making and sauces! Perfect for eating of the int too! Try it, you'll love it!
  • White Oxheart Tomato


    White Oxheart Tomato

    One of the whitest tomatoes that we have grown, it lives up to the oxheart family name. White Oxheart tomato is a 6 to 10 ounce fruit that is milder, sweet and delicious. It's a great candidate for tomato sandwiches and a sweet white tomato sauce. Skinny vines produce a good amount of fruits, but need to be staked early. Vines have also demonstrated good disease resistance for us. You can expect fruits all the way until frosts. These sell very well for me at the Farmers' Market too. I have had many repeat customers, just for White Oxheart. Feel free to visit our other oxhearts. This is a really good tomato! 80 Days. See It on YouTube.
  • Work Release Paste Tomato

    Work Release Paste Tomato is an outstanding sauce and paste variety. Prolific, indeterminate plants produce 8-16 ounce, pink oxhearts that are pretty and clean. I like that they are relatively early, beginning to do so around 78 days from transplant. If you are a market vendor you would love these! These are meaty, mildly sweet, have really good tomato flavor and nonstop! Bushy plants have good disease resistance too! Great choice for canning, sauce, paste and ketchup. I happen to think it's a great all purpose variety, which includes sandwiches! Try these!
  • Zore's Big Red Tomato is truly a sauce and paste specialist. Large red oxhearts have a delicious aroma when fully ripened. Fruits can reach two pounds although most of ours were between the 1-1.5 pound range. Tall wispy leafed plants are good producers of almost perfectly shaped oxhearts that will make you some excellent sauce. Not many seeds, nice and meaty. I tried one of these on a sandwich, very very good. I also made exceptional fresh salsa with these. A really nice selection for the farmers market too. You can't lose with Zore's


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