• Eagle’s Beak Tomato

    80 Days. Eagle's Beak is a uniquely colored oxheart that is a sight to see. Six to ten ounce tomatoes are perfectly heart shaped and grow on the signature wispy leaf, skinny vines. Fruits are a melting of reds and yellows but not striped. rather, it's a very smooth fading in, every here and there. True to the oxheart family, this is a very meaty and smooth tomato that is sweet and delicious. Bite in from the bottom end, mmmmmm, good!
  • Eugenia Tomato


    Eugenia Tomato

    When it comes to taste, Eugenia tomato was at the top of the list of newbies that we grew in 2017. I am so excited to have these that I wanna shout! Huge, meaty oxhearts that can reach 1.5 pounds, grow on bushy, wispy leaf plants. A product of Ruslan Doohov of Poland, Eugenia is one of the best tomatoes that I have experienced. It's very balanced and fruity, packs a lot of meat with very smooth flesh. When to comes to aroma, nothing beats it! these even taste great at first blush! Please do with this tomato whatever you wish! FANTASTIC!!
  • Fatima Tomato

    Being a big fan of old fashioned oxhearts and knowing that they mostly have great taste and texture, I decided to try this one! Fatima tomato lived up to expectations! This is a very tasty oxheartBesides that, it has soft smooth flesh and fantastic old time flavor! It is very balanced too! I especially love that the plants produce plenty and until frost. Fruits are around 6-12 ounces and ripen to a very beautiful pink.  You can expect your first ripened fruits around 75-80 days. These are perfect for sandwiches, cooking and slicing. Be sure to stake plants well, as they are very skinny and cannot hold any weight! Good disease resistance! See it on YouTube!
  • Welcome to Fishlake Oxheart tomato. it is one of the most delicious tomatoes that you may ever experience. This 6-10 ounce fruit ripens to a pale pink exterior, but have really deep pink interior that is full of meat and bursting with flavor. It has nice balance too. If taste is what you are after you should try this one. Vines are wispy leaved and produce plenty fruits that begin to ripen about 74-80 days after transplant. Stake and feed well, then harvest your rewards. Perfect sandwich tomato. Will work well for fresh eating, market sales and cooking. Try these!
  • Foxnose Tomato

    Foxnose tomato is a first time grow-out for us in 2018. We were very pleased who the results. True to the oxheart family, this variety produces very tasty, deep yellow oxhearts. They will keep you eating all season long. Many of our fruits are over 16 ounces but they averaged between 10-12. Vines are skinny and tall and loaded from bottom to top. This variety is very clean and crack-free, an advantage if you want to sell them. Foxnose tomatoes in your garden or on your tomato stand will turn heads. These are great for sandwiches, sauces, snacking and more. Tasty and memorable!
  • Fresa Tomato

    Fresa is a pretty, pink oxheart tomato that will fit just perfectly in your garden. Weighing about 6 ounces, this flavorful fruit stays true to the oxheart family. Fresh tomato is sweeter, meaty, has great texture and delicious! Vines are skinny, about 6 feet tall and have wispy leaves. This is a great sandwich and sauce maker. has at it!
  • German Orange Strawberry Tomato

    This is a beautiful oxheart tomato that ripens to a deep yellow color. German Orange Strawberry tomato is a juicy and meaty fruit. Smooth blemish-free fruits are six to ten ounce fruits and perfectly heart shaped. They seem to light up their vines when ripened. Skinny vines are about 6 feet and prolific. You can expect ripened fruits about 80 days after transplant. make yourself some really great tomato sauce, salsa and thick tomato stew! Eat plenty in the garden too!
  • One of my favorite Oxhearts, German Red Strawberry tomato is a winner. 8-12 ounce oxhearts are smooth, aromatic, meaty and juicy. Its balanced taste is amazing. Disease resistant vines can be very tall and are high producing. This oxheart is a perfect main crop variety. Get ready for plenty fruits about 85 days after transplant. Stake well! Vines are skinny!
  • Giant Of Siebenburgen tomato is a good sized, red oxheart tomato, that stays true to the oxheart family. 8-16 ounce beefsteaks are firmer and have very sweet meat. Plant, like all oxhearts, have wispy leaves and relatively skinny vines. Ours begin to ripen about 82-85 days after transplant. This as another prefect sandwich tomato that will also work well for cooking, snacking and even dehydrating. Fruits are sweet, full flavored and balanced. They have marvelous texture. Vines demonstrated good disease resistance and they produced plenty fruits until season's end. A nice choice for sandwich lovers.  
  • Giant Red Oxheart Tomato is a variety that often weighs 1-2 pounds. Our tall, wispy leafed plants are always good producers and hard workers. Our biggest fruits have been well over 2 pounds with the smallest around 12 ounces. I really like the usability of this variety. It's great for sauces, cooking, paste and because of it's meatiness, even perfect for sandwiches. Not a lot of seeds in this one. A really good and dependable variety that can also be a good market seller! 80 days from planting to first ripened fruits!
  • 85 Days. Gildo Pietroboni is a nice sized, red oxheart tomato with a nice flavor! Taller wispy leafed plants produce plenty 8-16 ounce tomatoes that begin to ripen in the middle of the season. I especially like this variety because it its high productivity. A perfect selection for sandwiches, tomato juice, fresh eating and salsa.
  • Girthmire's Pride Tomato

    Girthmire's Pride tomato could easily become one of my favorite varieties. I like it's production, unique oxheart look, disease resistance and determination in tough weather conditions. Meaty and flavorful fruits will suck you right in! These tomatoes have superb texture and are ready-made for sandwiches. But they are perfect for sauces and cooking too. Great choice for canning! I like them best right off the vine. Try biting into one from the pointy blossom end, delicious!! Plants produce plenty 6-12 ounce fruits that are sweet, juicy, fleshy and may I say again, beautifully textured! 80 days to ripen but the wait is well worth it. No salt needed!
  • Goatbag Tomato


    Goatbag Tomato

    Welcome to Renaissance Farms special strain of Goatbag tomato. Originally selected form smaller fruits, we have worked about 14 years, by intentionally selecting the absolute biggest fruits for saving seeds. The result is a fruit that is now consistently more than doubled it's original size but with the same huge flavor. We first got our original seeds from an old farmer at our local Farmers' Market. He promised a great tasting tomato and he was correct. Since then, all that we have done is select for size. Great taste! Perfect for sauces, sandwiches, cooking, paste and more! A must have!  
  • Golden King Of Siberia tomato is a very tasty oxheart variety. They ripen to a really soft yellow about 80 days after transplant. Plants have the signature wispy leaves and are really good with diseases. Tomatoes are about 6-16 ounces. Sweeter and mild with lots of flesh, this is the perfect choice for those wanting a milder tomato. Great for sandwiches, slicing and salsas. It's attractive and does well at the market too!  Plants should be staked well and early. Great selection if you are a vendor because it's prolific and tasty. This is one that I would recommend for any tomato garden!
  • Gopak Tomato

    A very versatile variety, Gopak tomato is also very dependable. This awesome all purpose variety grows on shorter plants and produce plentifully! Our plants were no taller than 4.5 feet. They worked hard for us all season long. Clean, blemish-free, oxheart fruits, are about 6-18 ounces and the most beautiful pinks. A very nice type for sauces, cooking, canning, snacking and so much more. Early ripening, averaging about 75 days from transplant.
  • Happy Jack Tomato

    Happy Jack tomato is my favorite new oxheart. I am really impressed! Clean, pretty fruits are borne on very productive, wispy leaved vines with skinny stems. Biggest fruits were 8-12 ounces. These have to be staked properly! No cracking or splitting, with nice, nice flavor and texture. I didn't make anything with these but I did eat quite a few off the vine. This would definitely be a good sandwich tomato. Slices are thick and meaty. Taste is full flavored, well balanced but not strong. Texture is smooth. A realty good tomato experience!  Let me know how these worked out for you!
  • 85 Days. Heart Of Ashgabat is one of the prettiest yellow tomatoes that I have ever seen. Perfect heart shaped tomatoes that can reach one pound, will captivate you, even when green on their wispy leafed vines. True to the oxheart family, Heart Of Ashgabat tomato is meaty, on the sweet side and delicious. It's skin is thin and flesh very smooth! Check out our images and you will melt! Great for sandwiches, sauces, eating off the vine and tons more. You cannot go wrong with this one!
  • Hercegovac Tomato

  • Hungarian Heart Tomato


    Hungarian Heart Tomato

    Hungarian Heart tomato is a beautiful oxheart variety that does what oxhearts usually do. Sweet, meaty, juicy and delicious, this perfect heart tomato is a great selection for sweet sauces and cooking. Tall wispy vines produce heavy crops of 8-16 ounce smooth oxhearts that are a sight to behold. Vines have nice disease resistance, are hardy and love hotter weather. Fruits ripen about 85 days after transplant. A nice variety for beginners to try!
  • Indiana Red Tomato

    Indiana Red tomato is a very, very nice tasting oxheart. Clean and crack-free fruits weigh about 8-16 ounces and are borne on tall wispy leafed plants. Our fruits began to ripen about 78 days from transplant into the garden. These have excellent texture, well balanced taste that reminds me of the tomatoes or yesteryear. I will definitely be growing these again. Additionally, our plants showed really god disease resistance. Plants produced nicely and fruits were consistent in shape. If you love oxhearts, or old timey tasting tomatoes, try this one and make yourself some fine sauces and sandwiches! Few Seeds!
  • Italo Tomato


    Italo Tomato

    Italo tomato is a huge oxheart that can reach 3.5 pounds. I have heard stories that some growers have harvested 5 pounders. I will have to see that to believe it! These averaged 2 pounds and got smaller as the season wound down. At the height of the season we were harvesting 2 pounders all day long! Italo is meaty, sweet, weighty and solid. Fine tomato taste. Ripens red. Plants are not necessarily tall, perhaps 4-5 feet but produce a good amount of fruits. These held up great against diseases! Perfect for sandwiches, cooking, or even making some superb sauce. Plants will need plenty of early support!
  • Japanese Oxheart Tomato

    The Japanese Oxheart tomato variety are large pink fruit with dense, mildly sweet meat. It is perfect for those not liking a strong tomato but want lots of flesh for their sandwiches. In our grow-outs, plants were bushier and sorter than most oxheart varieties. Ours barely made it to 5 feet tall. plants produced  huge, beautiful and perfectly shaped hearts, that were between 1o ounces and 1.5 pounds. Because to it's density, fruits are usually heavier than they look. Few seeds very pleasing taste. Eye pleasing! I am definitely growing these again!  Stake well and early.   88 Days to first ripened fruits!
  • Jaune Ridée Dominique Tomato

    When my friend Terry from Secret Seed Cartel sent me these seeds, I was so excited. I know that everything she sends me grows and taste great, so I was looking forward to growing this out. When well ripened,  Jaune Ridée Dominique Tomato is canary yellow. These are blunt hearts. Plants never stopped producing until season's end. Our were about 6 feet tall and produced lots and lots. They were some of the last to quit production towards the end of the season. Slightly fruity and on the sweet side, it delivers a great tomato experience that is  certainly worth growing again in my gardens. Great selection for market sales! Perfect for sauces, garnish, fresh eating and more!  
  • Jewish Tomato

    Jewish tomato is a smaller red oxheart that is rich, meaty and sweet. Shorter wispy leafed vines bear a lot of 6 ounce fruits that begin to ripen about 80 days after transplant. Everyone that have tasted these have loved them. Unfortunately, they have a very few seeds, so our supply is limited. A very rare oxheart. Fantastic sauce, ketchup and paste tomato. Great on sandwiches also. Recommended!
  • Joe's Pink Oxheart Tomato

    A really smooth oxheart tomato experience is how I would describe Joe's Pink tomato. This one slices really nicely and makes a really good compliment for tomato sandwiches. its taste is sweeter and mild with a really good texture. Nice for sauces too! I like this tomato a lot. Plants are tall and have regular leaves that are not too wispy. Production is heavy, but a little later in the season. Your wait will be well worth it! Fruits are between 8 and 20 ounces Really nice aroma when fully ripened. Stake well! I love.....
  • Kardynal Tomato


    Kardynal Tomato

    Kardynal tomato is a very pleasing oxheart variety. Healthy plants produce a lot of 6-8 ounce oxhearts that are really versatile. They are so good for slicing too! I had two very good sandwiches with these and they were memorable. With very good texture and balance, these are neither sweet nor tart. What comes through for me, is its overall completeness that remains true to most oxhearts. Plants are not too tall. Great disease resistance! Another one that I will grow again!
  • This deep red fruits can reach more than one pound. I am elated that I grew these because to me it's what a good tomato should taste like. Kentucky Beefheart tomato is a flavorful variety with full flavor. This a a great sauce tomato. It will also do well as a paste tomato, for cooking stews etc. Not too many seeds and plenty of giving flesh that sauce makers would love!! Our plants were hardy and showed good disease resistance.
  • King Kong Tomato

    A delightful oxheart is how I would describe King Kong tomato. Pretty, red oxheart fruits are borne on wispy leaved plants that can reach 6 feet tall. Fruits are on the sweet side, have tons of meat, a bit fruity, have old fashioned appeal and are clean with few cracks. Our vines were prolific, producing many bunches of 5-7 fruits that averaged 4-12 ounces. Plants kept producing all season long! In fact, they were some of the last do wither! This a great sandwich and sauce tomato. Also good for market sales if you are a tomato vendor. Eat many off the vine, Yumm!


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