Oxheart Tomatoes

If you are looking for some of the best oxheart tomatoes in the world, you have come to the right place. The oxheart tomato family is my favorite grouping. They can be found in all sizes and colors. Some, such as Curtis Cheek, Eugenia, Upstate Oxheart and Slankards, can easily exceed one pound. Others may be a beautiful mix of wonderful colors, like Sgt Peppers and Orange Russian 117. Another thing that remains true, is that most oxhearts have very fine taste and great texture.

Although they may be different in texture, taste is almost always there! Whether you want a great tomato sandwich, or  perhaps good tomato sauce, salsa specialist or just a nice tomato for slicing, oxhearts have you covered!

Feel free to browse our huge line of oxhearts and see what you come up with. We are so happy that you have chosen us! Thanks!

  • Indiana Red Tomato

    Indiana Red tomato is a very, very nice tasting oxheart. Clean and crack-free fruits weigh about 8-16 ounces and are borne on tall wispy leafed plants. Our fruits began to ripen about 78 days from transplant into the garden. These have excellent texture, well balanced taste that reminds me of the tomatoes or yesteryear. I will definitely be growing these again. Additionally, our plants showed really god disease resistance. Plants produced nicely and fruits were consistent in shape. If you love oxhearts, or old timey tasting tomatoes, try this one and make yourself some fine sauces and sandwiches! Few Seeds!
  • Longhorn Tomato

    How I wish I had grown more Longhorn tomato plants in 2021! These were sooo good! I am not sure what happened and how I only ended up with two plants, but I never grow two plants of anything! Nonetheless, I am happy that I experienced this delicious dark colored oxheart. Our plants were between 5 and 6 feet tall. Leaves were wispy but not excessively and plants produced plenty, though not prolific. Taste is well balanced, a bit earthy and satisfying. I especially love the texture of this tomato, just a smooth finish. Fruit size between 6 and 12 ounces. This is a perfect sandwich tomato. I didn't do anything else with it but I suspect it will make some good sauce. Without a doubt I will be growing this one in 2022.
  • This deep red fruits can reach more than one pound. I am elated that I grew these because to me it's what a good tomato should taste like. Kentucky Beefheart tomato is a flavorful variety with full flavor. This a a great sauce tomato. It will also do well as a paste tomato, for cooking stews etc. Not too many seeds and plenty of giving flesh that sauce makers would love!! Our plants were hardy and showed good disease resistance.
  • CJ Russian Tomato

    CJ Russian is another new oxheart for us in 2021. I like these not only because of their good flavor but they proved to be a huge producer and very dependable variety for us. Plants were very prolific vibrant and hardy when some others were struggling. We got tons of these and I am grateful! Fruits are a pretty pink with little to no cracking, regardless of the weather. Taste is rich and mild. CJ Russian slices very nicely for sandwiches, plating etc. This tomato would shine as a sauce variety or even for canning when cut in halves or quarters. Great variety if you have a smaller garden and want bigger crops.
  • Kosovo Tomato

    Anyone who has ever grown Kosovo tomato knows how very useful it is. True to what oxhearts do, this very tasty variety is a keeper for me from now on. Let's first talk about its production, Kosovo is second to none! Our plants produced fruits that were 6-16 ounces but averaging about 8. Wispy, regular leafed vines were always loaded even as I picked every other day. Each time I visited my plants they seemed untouched and never picked from. As far as taste, these were very good. They were full flavored and tasty. I made some very good sauce with these. I also made stew, fried green tomatoes, sandwiches and ate quite a few in the garden. Wonderful experiences all around! In a nutshell, Kosovo tomato is a multi-use tomato that is second to none! Totally worth growing.
  • Easily the most eye-catching variety that I grew in 2021, Marina's Praise tomato is a head-turner. Heart shaped/elongated fruits are not only captivating inside and out, but also very tasty! Ours had very nice fruity tones and were on the sweet side. Five feet tall plants produced quite nicely. This is an awesome variety for so many things! Whether you are cooking, garnishing/plating, making sauce, snacking, or indulging in some fresh salsa, or perhaps some market sales, dehydrating and so much more, this beauty is about to light up your life! Its beauty and Wide ranges of uses  makes this on worthy to be PRAISED. Try snacking on some right of of the vine. Yumm!!
  • Zore's Big Red Tomato is truly a sauce and paste specialist. Large red oxhearts have a delicious aroma when fully ripened. Fruits can reach two pounds although most of ours were between the 1-1.5 pound range. Tall wispy leafed plants are good producers of almost perfectly shaped oxhearts that will make you some excellent sauce. Not many seeds, nice and meaty. I tried one of these on a sandwich, very very good. I also made exceptional fresh salsa with these. A really nice selection for the farmers market too. You can't lose with Zore's
  • Happy Jack Tomato

    Happy Jack tomato is my favorite new oxheart. I am really impressed! Clean, pretty fruits are borne on very productive, wispy leaved vines with skinny stems. Biggest fruits were 8-12 ounces. These have to be staked properly! No cracking or splitting, with nice, nice flavor and texture. I didn't make anything with these but I did eat quite a few off the vine. This would definitely be a good sandwich tomato. Slices are thick and meaty. Taste is full flavored, well balanced but not strong. Texture is smooth. A realty good tomato experience!  Let me know how these worked out for you!
  • Portuguese Bullheart Tomato is a very worthy tomato. I really enjoyed watching these grow. Even though  the images don't really show it, this variety produced some of the largest oxhearts that we grow in 2021.  I especially loved it's solid production and hardiness. Neither excessive heat or too much rain seemed to be an issue. Our biggest fruits were closer to 2 pounds, while on the smaller side were ones that weighed about 6 ounces. Tall plants with wispy, regular leaves started ripening their fruits bout 82 days from transplant. Perfect for saucing, cooking and more. A great all purpose variety!
  • Big Dolly Red Tomato

    A very large and meaty oxheart tomato, Big Dolly Red did not disappoint in 2021. Wispy leaved and tall plants produced fruits that weighed between 8 ounces and 2 pounds. These began to ripen about 85 days after transplant and continued until season's end. BDR is meaty with great texture for sandwiches, or even sauces. Flavor is robust, forward and complete. Hardy plants and good production. If you are looking for a oxheart variety that produces consistently large fruits, try this one! Stake well!
  • Giant Red Oxheart Tomato is a variety that often weighs 1-2 pounds. Our tall, wispy leafed plants are always good producers and hard workers. Our biggest fruits have been well over 2 pounds with the smallest around 12 ounces. I really like the usability of this variety. It's great for sauces, cooking, paste and because of it's meatiness, even perfect for sandwiches. Not a lot of seeds in this one. A really good and dependable variety that can also be a good market seller! 80 days from planting to first ripened fruits!
  • Reinhard Kraft's Purple Heart Tomato

    For several years I have been trying some varieties by this breeder. This year I hit another jackpot with three of his varieties. Reinhard Kraft's Purple Heart tomato was one of them. This beautiful chocolate/purple colored fruit seriously packs some great taste. I just ate so many of them. Now, that the season is over, I have serious withdrawal symptoms! These are rich and complex, have superb texture, not too many seeds and are great  for sandwiches, slicing, sauce and snacking. Indeterminate plants produce plenty 6-8 ounce fruits. Trust me, this one is good! 80 Days!
  • Reinhard Kraft's White Heart Tomato

    I happen to think that Reinhard Kraft's White Heart tomato is one of the best tasting white/yellows around. I also like the variety's  production and good disease resistance. This is a very desirable tomato to me. 5-6 feet tall plants produce 6-8 ounce fruits that are sweet, slightly fruity and satisfying. It delivers the complete tomato experience! They started ripening about 80 days after transplant. When fully ripened you'll find a beautiful pink blushing on its blossom end. This marbling can also be found when sliced! Nice choice for plating/garnish, slicing, cooking, sauces and of course eating right out of the garden! Another great tomato from Mr. Kraft, another win for the tomato community!
  • Dwarf Aussie Drop Tomato

    Dwarf Aussie Drop tomato is a heart shaped fruit that grows on rugose, regular leafed plants. Plants were about 2.5 feet tall and produced heavily. Minimal staking is required. This variety is perfect for dark, sweet sauces, canning, cooking and more. Also a very nice snack in the garden. If you grow in smaller gardens or containers, these will work excellently. A few fruits were more elongated than heart shaped. I recommend 4-5 gallon containers or larger! I really loved these for sauces and cooking with.
  • Kardynal Tomato


    Kardynal Tomato

    Kardynal tomato is a very pleasing oxheart variety. Healthy plants produce a lot of 6-8 ounce oxhearts that are really versatile. They are so good for slicing too! I had two very good sandwiches with these and they were memorable. With very good texture and balance, these are neither sweet nor tart. What comes through for me, is its overall completeness that remains true to most oxhearts. Plants are not too tall. Great disease resistance! Another one that I will grow again!
  • Dwarf Red Heart Tomato


    Dwarf Red Heart Tomato

    I am so happy that we grew these in 2020. Dwarf Red Heart tomato is a very beautiful fruit. 2.4 feet tall plants  produce 4-6 ounce, heart shaped fruits, that are bright red when fully ripened. Delicious rich taste and perfect for sauces and paste. Great garden snack too. Our plants had excellent disease resistance and were very prolific. One of the first tomatoes to ripen this year. 70 days to first ripened fruits!  Perfect for container growing and smaller garden spaces!
  • Berkley Tie Dye Heart Tomato

    A very pretty cultivar, Berkley Tie Dye Heart tomato is so much fun to grow. Our regular leafed plants were about 5 feet tall and produced perfect, bi-colored green and purple, perfect and blunt oxhearts. All of which were tasty! These remained prolific all season long. As far as taste, these were earthy, sweetish and satisfying. Awesome aroma! I loved the texture! Really good choice for sandwiches, garnish, cooking and snacking right off the plant. 75-80 days to first ripened fruits!
  • Gopak Tomato

    A very versatile variety, Gopak tomato is also very dependable. This awesome all purpose variety grows on shorter plants and produce plentifully! Our plants were no taller than 4.5 feet. They worked hard for us all season long. Clean, blemish-free, oxheart fruits, are about 6-18 ounces and the most beautiful pinks. A very nice type for sauces, cooking, canning, snacking and so much more. Early ripening, averaging about 75 days from transplant.
  • Italo Tomato


    Italo Tomato

    Italo tomato is a huge oxheart that can reach 3.5 pounds. I have heard stories that some growers have harvested 5 pounders. I will have to see that to believe it! These averaged 2 pounds and got smaller as the season wound down. At the height of the season we were harvesting 2 pounders all day long! Italo is meaty, sweet, weighty and solid. Fine tomato taste. Ripens red. Plants are not necessarily tall, perhaps 4-5 feet but produce a good amount of fruits. These held up great against diseases! Perfect for sandwiches, cooking, or even making some superb sauce. Plants will need plenty of early support!
  • Work Release Paste Tomato

    Work Release Paste Tomato is an outstanding sauce and paste variety. Prolific, indeterminate plants produce 8-16 ounce, pink oxhearts that are pretty and clean. I like that they are relatively early, beginning to do so around 78 days from transplant. If you are a market vendor you would love these! These are meaty, mildly sweet, have really good tomato flavor and nonstop! Bushy plants have good disease resistance too! Great choice for canning, sauce, paste and ketchup. I happen to think it's a great all purpose variety, which includes sandwiches! Try these!
  • Taiga Tomato


    Taiga Tomato

    Karen Olivier has done it again! Her Taiga tomato made big waves in our garden in 2020. I just can't believe how beautiful and tasty these are! 6-12 ounce oxhearts are produced on tall potato leafed plants that start ripening around mid season(75-80 days). Give them a chance to ripen well, then cut and taste. You will find that these are a little fruity, juicy, have lots of nicely textured meat and are delicious! Deceptively weighty, there aren't too many seeds in this gem. Plants are very hardy and are recommended for northern gardens too! Awesome selection for slicing, sandwiches, garnish, cooking or just eating right of the vine.
  • Maria Amazileties Giant Red Tomato

    Looking for a big, meaty, high producing oxheart variety that can be used for sandwiches, sauces, cooking and more? Try Maria Amazileties Giant Red tomato. This tomato wouldn't let you down! One pound, blunt hearts are meaty and tasty, with top of the line old fashion flavor. Fabulous balance and superb tomato aroma when fully ripened. Plants are high producing for such a large fruit, so please stake them early! These will begin ripening around 8 days from transplant and continue until frost. The perfect all purpose tomato! I Love, Love, Love these!  
  • True Colors Tomato


    True Colors Tomato

    Again, another fascinating bi-colored oxheart from Karen Olivier. Like Midnight Sun, True Colors will blow you away with its taste and beauty. It's almost ironic that this variety is called True Colors when its colors almost seem unreal. Then on the other hand, perhaps that's exactly what Karen planned. These wispy, potato leafed plants, produced 8-14 ounce oxhearts that were always beautiful. Vines were skinny and lanky and would need early staking. Plants produced plenty, though not prolific. I was certainly pleased with production. These were bred by  in Canada by Karen and will be suitable for northern gardens. When fully ripened, these are sweeter, sort of fruity and medium mild. Balance and texture are superb! 70-75 days
  • Midnight Sun Tomato


    Midnight Sun Tomato

    Just when you thought you saw it all, Karen Olivier has produced a line of potato leafed oxhearts that will totally blow your mind. There are NO  oxhearts, especially potato leafed varieties, that are as beautiful as hers! Midnight Sun tomato is a 5, to perhaps 10 ounce oxheart, that are produced on wispy, potato leafed plants. These, as all of Karen's varieties were bred in Canada, and are all suitable for northern gardens! Plants grew taller than 6 feet and always looked healthy. Staking was absolutely necessary from the very beginning because these are truly wispy vines! Taste is superb and delightful when fully ripened. This one has a rich finish, while having a full tomato experience. I would totally recommend these to chefs, or anyone wanting to plate some very beautiful colors. Midnight Sun started ripening about 75 days after transplant. Have a look at our pictures, delightful! These are a must grow! Find Karen's Facebook Page HERE!
  • Mrs Schlaubaugh's Famous Strawberry

    If you want a meaty oxheart that will sit great on a tomato sandwich, yet make wonderful, rich sauce, then you should try Mrs Schlaburgh's Famous Strawberry tomato. With this variety what you see is what you get! And that is meat and more meat. This sweet, full-flavored oxheart will blow you away! Plants are taller and wispy, but very hardy. They produce a nice crop of uniformed oxhearts that can weigh up to one pound, but averages 8-12 ounces. Perfect size for a sandwiches, Mr's Schlaburgh's also works well as a slicing type, for cooking, canning and more. Great market variety. Try these if you haven't yet!
  • Oakley Park Tomato


    Oakley Park Tomato

    Oakley Park tomato is a hard working, reliable, multi-purpose variety. Five feet tall plants are high producing and early. Fruits are very tasty, slightly acidic, yet with  good balanced. Fruit size averages around 3-4 ounces. These have a softish feel but not mushy. Very useful for cooking, canning, juicing etc. These are very early. Ours started ripening around 62 days from transplant. Early to bloom and reliable variety. Try these if you are seeking a good multi-purpose type! Seed Source: Centre For Genetic Resource 2008 Netherlands, CGN 24224
  • Krupnya Grozd Tomato


    Krupnya Grozd Tomato

    Krupnya Grozd tomato is a 10-14 ounce, red oxheart with deep flavor and nice texture! They have wispy vines that would need  early staking. Production is good to excellent! When fully ripened, these are are so beautiful that you will always have your eyes on them. Ripening to a nice red, Krupnya Grozd has nice thick, semi-firm flesh and awesome aroma too. Taste is sweeter with little acidity but complete. Perfect selection for oxheart lovers. Good market and sandwich tomato. Will also do well for cooking, sauce and canning. I truly like its balanced taste. Will definitely stay in my grow-list from now on! 80 days.
  • Coeur de Surpriz Tomato

    One of my biggest regrets in 2019 is that I didn't grow enough Coeur de Surpriz tomato plants. I grew out 4 plants and 3 of them were drowned in the flood waters in mid-June. When the remaining plant finally started ripening its fruits, I was amazed at how beautiful they were. Not wanting to eat many, in order to maximize my seed count, I tried a few. Then a few more, and more. Eventually I only saved fruits from half of the plant. These were sweet and fruity with a little tang. Very good little tomato! Bi-colored outside and out. Good choice for fresh eating, salads, garnish, dehydrating, fresh salsa, canning and more. Nice all purpose variety. Might I say again, very, very good!


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