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Uncle E Tomato


Uncle E Tomato

(Exclusively At Renaissance Farms)

Uncle E tomato is a really nice sized, pink beefsteak that I just absolutely love.  Around 2007  I was given some seeds  by a friend who insisted that I should try them.  She explained that the tomato was named after her great-great uncle who grew them for many years.  She also told me that the tomato had been in her family for about 100 years.  That year  I started 4 plants and, of course, saved seeds. The following year I looked for the seeds to grow them out but I just could not find them. I looked all through April and May, until it was too late to start seeds and grow out plants in my zone.

With lingering memories of a very good and large tomato, I unwillingly gave up the search and counted it as a lifetime loss.  Not So fast!!  Slow forward 8 years later.. At the farmers market in May of 2015, my friend showed up once again.  I was so happy to see her and anxious to explore the possibility of attaining more seeds from her. That was the easy part. She instantly said that she had saved some from her grow-outs of the previous year. Less than a week afterwards I received the seeds in my mailbox!  In 2016 I grew some plants.

Uncle E Tomato Vines, Taste And History

Like it did years earlier, Uncle E tomato five feet vines produced lots of large, tasty beauties. Though  they were a bit slow to ripen the wait was absolutely worth it. The tomatoes were soft and juicy with very few seeds. These babies are made for fresh eating and sandwiches. This is a beefsteak so there is plenty of nice meat.  I got tomatoes that were over 1.5 pounds but most were in the 1-1.5 range. These were absolutely beautiful and delicious fruits.  I have attached the page with the tomato image and story that my friend sent me. Please have a look at it.  Seeds are very limited. I only have about 10 packets  of about 10 seeds each. One Packet Only Per Customer.

Item: BM-R-4

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