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Tumbling Tom Yellow Tomato-OP


Tumbling Tom Yellow Tomato-OP

Tumbling Tom Yellow tomato- OP  ( Open Pollinated variety) is one of the best cherry tomatoes that I have tasted.  Bred to be a hanging basket variety, I must admit I had some per-conceived notions about it.  Once I ate my first one, those judgments were quickly put to rest.  Tom humbled me!  This tomato is truly candy!

Tumbling Tom Yellow Tomato-OP Vines

Some vendors says that Tumbling Tom Yellow tomato can cascade from a hanging basket to as many as 24 inches. I grew mine under lights and staked it upright because of space constraints. Indeterminate  vines grow to about 2 feet tall when staked and are always loaded with loaded with the most beautiful and tasty nickle sized fruits. These little gems grow on bunches of 5-7 and ripens in about 65 days after transplant.  Mine grew excellently in 1.5 gallon containers.

Tumbling Tom Yellow Tomato-OP Taste

Tumbling Tom Yellow tomato is excessively good! It’s is so good that it will be my main cherry for my kitchen garden in 2017.  It reminds me of Sun Sugar Hybrid tomato, just a little sweeter and softer. This little cherry can stand up with anything! When well ripened, it’s soft flesh is juicy and burst with sweets, tart and fruit. Each one just pops in your mouth and brings your taste buds to immediate life. It would be the perfect tomato for salads, jams and fresh eating. Take these babies to the market and you will have very long lines, I promise you. Kids will love these too! Try a few seeds, you will not regret it.



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