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Red Russian Kale


Red Russian Kale

Red Russian Kale is a long time favorite of many gardeners.  It certainly is one of my favorites.  I especially love eating it raw.  This pre-1885 heirloom variety is easy to grow, tasty and very nourishing.  Boasting green foliage and purple stems and stalks, this gem will liven up any garden.  That’s not all!  You can also successfully grow Red Russian Kale in containers.  Be sure to water and feed often.

Red Russian Kale is very nutritious.  Each serving of Red Russian will serve up more than 250% of daily value for Vitamin A.  The same portion will also deliver about 170% of vitamin C.  There are many more nutritional benefits to eating Red Russian Kale.  I always grow a few rows close to the house, so I can just step outside and get them fresh for my daily juicing.  Try some of our fresh seeds and grow one of the most beautiful and beneficial greens known to mankind.

Red Russian Kale is very easy to grow.  They also begin to germinate very quickly, starting to emerge in just about 3 days. Once transplanted, they will begin to rapidly grow and deliver some  good and healthy food to your kitchen table in about 5 weeks after germination.  At that time you can begin harvesting the bottom leaves, always leaving some central leaves. The more you harvest, the more you will have because they just keep producing new and larger leaves.

Red Russian is great when saute, juiced, incorporated in soups, salads and even cooked with meats or veggies. There’s so many beneficial ways you can use it!  I love it over a bed of rice!  Give Red Russian Kale a shot, you will love it too!

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