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Red Robin Dwarf Tomato Seeds

Red Robin Tomatoes

Red Robin Dwarf Tomato Seeds

Are you into container growing?  If you are, this is the perfect little plant for you.  Not only is it a very small plant but is early producing and easy to grow.  If you have very little space, fear not!  Red Robin Dwarf Tomato will grow and excel even in gallon sized containers producing a nice amount of nickle-sized, bright red tomatoes that are perfect for your salads or fresh eating.

In a 3-5 gallon container, you can successfully grow a few Red Robin tomato plants. In fact, this method is my recommendation!  You will be surprised at your yields for such a small plant.

Red Robin Dwarf Tomato Vines

Red Robin tomato vines grow no bigger than 15 inches but most never make it to 12.  I have never grown any that were more than 1 foot tall. This easily makes Red Robin a micro dwarf.  Vines can get a little top heavy sometimes and may need to be staked, but most don’t.  From the time of transplant, Red Robin dwarf tomato will produce ripened tomatoes for your salad, in less than 55 days.

How Do Red Robin Tomatoes Taste?

Red Robin tomatoes are probably the best tasting Dwarf/Micro cherry tomato that there is. It is flavorful with good kick.  Truly this is a great little salad tomato that can easily be grown on your patio or kitchen table with assisted lighting.  Try some in a mostly sunny window and you will be surprised by how easy they are to grow and care for.  Our Red Robin Dwarf Tomato seeds will germinate easily for you. Transplant after their second set of leaves or about 2 weeks after germination.

All of our seeds are Non GMO and Pesticide free.

Height: 9-15″
Width: 6″
Spacing: Plant In Container”
Determinate/Indeterminate: Determinate


6 weeks before last frost
7-14 Days
In Pots
Minimal to None

Green Thumb Tip
Sow seeds indoors ¼” deep. Tomatoes are sensitive to freezing temperatures, so wait to transplant outdoors until the soil is warm. Plant in full sun.

Red Robin Dwarf Tomato

Red Robin Dwarf Tomato

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