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Pinocchio Micro Dwarf Tomato

Micro Dwarf Tomato Pinocchio Ripe

Pinocchio Micro Dwarf Tomato

Small-LogoIn the winter of 2016 I decided to grow out 10 Micro Dwarf varieties under lights in my basement.  Pinocchio Micro Dwarf Tomato is one of them.  This is a great little tomato that is absolutely worth growing if you have little space and want to grow indoors.

Pinocchio Micro Dwarf Tomato Plants

Pinocchio Micro Dwarf tomato plants are very short.  Mine grew to about 5 inches.  The main plant sends out out a few branches but I really wouldn’t consider them as suckers simply because they are longer than the actually main plant and produce just as many tomatoes.  One of my plants had more than 35 tomatoes on it!  That’s not counting all of the blooms that I lost because it a little coldness in my basement.

Pinocchio Micro Dwarf Tomato Taste.

Pinocchio packs huge flavor!  It is more sweet than tart, strong and intense!  It is full of juice and would be great for fresh nibbling and would be perfect in salads.  Vines begin to ripen their fruits about 50 days after transplant.  If you are looking for a really great tasting cherry tomato that can be grown indoors or out, this would be a great choice!


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