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Pink Berkeley Tie Dye Tomato


Pink Berkeley Tie Dye Tomato

Item : S-Bi-20

Pink Berkeley Tie Dye tomato is a really good slicer that was introduced by Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms.  It is one of the most beautiful tomatoes that will ever grace your eyes.  Not only that, its taste is really good too!  A look-alike to Large Barred Boar, Pink Berkeley Tie Dye has quickly become a favorite of tomato growers around the world.

Pink Berkeley Tie Dye Tomato Vines

Pink Berkeley Tie Dye tomato vines are about 5 feet when fully grown. They are prolific and vigorous, so if you’d have no objections to a kitchen table full of really great tomatoes, this would be one to grow for sure!  I also really like that Berkeley Tie Dye because they stand up pretty well as it pertains to disease. Our vines this year were not particularly well kept, nonetheless they all still produced wonderfully. Pink Berkeley Tie Dye also ripens pretty early.  About 75 days after transplant, you will begin eating your first ripened tomatoes.  It is an indeterminate variety, so get ready for tomatoes until it begins to frost.

Pink Berkeley Tie Dye Tomato Taste

Pink Berkeley Tie Dye tomatoes are earthy, rich and sweetish with medium soft purple flesh.  There is also a good amount of juice in this variety.  If you let them ripen well, you will truly be able to experience some really great tomatoes.  Think salsa, fresh eating,  garnishing and sauce.  This tomato will function very well if used in any of those application, so don’t be bashful and try some of these in your next dish.
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Packet Of 10 Seeds.  

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