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Costoluto Genovese Tomato


Costoluto Genovese Tomato

There are many great sauce tomatoes on the market.  One  of the best Italian varieties is Costoluto Genovese; a super sauce maker and smaller cousin to Costoluto Fierentino.  This tomato can make even novice cooks, look good when making sauce.  Costoluto Genovese is a great go-to tomato that has certainly stood the test of time.

What About The Vines?

Costoluto Genovese tomato vines are not too tall but vigorous and love hotter climates.  My Costoluto Genovese Tomato tallest vines are always around 4.5 feet.  They are sort of skinny and prolific. Vines produce a very large crop of bright red, ruffled and flattened tomatoes that are about 4-8 ounces. Tomatoes begin to ripen about 80 days after transplant.  Today, October 13th 2016, and very late in the gardening season, I harvested some of these and there are still a few green ones on the vines.  Our vines were not affected by any diseases and though our first frost is usually around October’s end, you would never know it by looking at our Costoluto Genovese vines.  To this point still look phenomenal.

Costoluto Genovese Tomato Taste

Even though it’s primarily a sauce tomato, Costoluto Genovese still has great stand alone flavor.  It’s sweet and not too juicy, yet very full of flavor.  There are little hints of acidity.  Genovese has soft skin and short shelf life, so use within a few days after full ripeness.  Invite your family an friends over, pick some Genovese and make the sauce of your life.  Don’t forget the bread, pasta and red wine!


Height: 60″
Width: 2.5′
Spacing: 30″
Determinate/Indeterminate: Indeterminate


6 weeks before last frost
7-14 Days
24-36 Apart
Cage, stake or trellis

Green Thumb Tip
Sow seeds indoors ¼” deep. Tomatoes are sensitive to freezing temperatures, so wait to transplant outdoors until the soil is warm. Plant in full sun.

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