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Bianco Lungo Italian Cucumber


Bianco Lungo Italian Cucumber

Bianco Lungo Italian Cucumber is a very crispy and long cucumber that comes with a mild cucumber flavor.  This Italian variety usually grows up to 10 inches long, but I have seen longer.  They are best when they turn whitish and are about one week set on the vine and between 6-9 inches long.  This variety is almost seedless and its skin is sort of bumpy/knobby.  Its very prolific vines are usually ready to begin harvesting after about 60 days from transplant.  These perform well either trellised or on the ground.  Vines can be quite bushy so be sure to search well for fruits at least  every 2-3 days after your first harvest.

As a young fruit, Bianco Lungo Cucumber can make great pickles.  It is also perfect for cucumber salad. If you are daring, try some on a sandwich with big slice of tomato and mayo, Yummers!!  If you are a market vendor, Bianco Lungo will turn heads with its unique and beautiful color so be sure to take lots and you will not regret it.  Our seeds are freshly packed and ready for your garden!


Bianco Lungo Cucumber Propagation

Soil Temperature: 70-95F
Planting Depth: 1/2″
Germination: 14 Days
Days To Maturity: 60 Days
Sun/Shade: Full Sun
Spacing After Thinning: 18″-48″

Germination Rate: 95%

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