Our 2015 Heirloom Tomato Inventory Has Been Tripled

Heirloom Tomato MascottHey folks, this is just a little note to let you know that we have added some very exciting varieties to our 2015 collection. In 2014 we really grew a lot of new varieties and selected seed from the very best tomatoes according to types. During the entire process our biggest motivator was bringing quality non chemically grown tomato seeds to your garden. Here are some of the new varieties that we have grown this year.

Grant’s Trustee: This is a new and exciting red beefsteak tomato that is exclusive to Renaissance farms.


Coustralee: Coustralee tomato is quite possibly the most dense beefsteak tomato that I have ever eaten.


Orange Paste Tomato: Orange Paste Tomato is a very delicious Roma shaped tomato that will surprise you once you bite into it.


Large Barred Boar: What a delicious surprise. Large Barred Boar tomato will not disappoint you. It is juicy, meaty and ready for your salsa.


Pink Bumble Bee: Awesome little cherry tomato that will captivate you with it’s color and taste.


Hungarian Heart: This is one of the best Oxheart tomatoes that I have ever eaten. Vines are prolific and tomatoes are huge.


Snow White Cherry:  You would not believe that this is a white tomato. Everything About it’s taste indicates BIG tomato flavor!


Eva Purple Ball: Not a purple tomato, Eva Purple Ball is a delicious, crack resistant tomato that is perfect for salsa, sauces and fresh eating.


Arkansas Traveler: Don’t panic, you don’t have to travel to Arkansas to experience this fascinating heirloom tomato. It’s flavors will make you beg for more.


Green Moldovan: Perhaps the best tasting green tomato that I have tasted. Don’t believe me? Grow a few plants and get back to me.